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‘Fall’ing Out of Summer

DISPLAY OF FALL LEAVES -- An array of recently fallen leaves.

Haylee Smith

DISPLAY OF FALL LEAVES -- An array of recently fallen leaves.

Madi Blackburn, Staff Writer

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The first official day of fall is September 22, but that has not stopped the early spread of fall fever for students and teachers alike that has come with the recent cool weather. Unfortunately, it looks like this fall-inspired weather is going to depart for the next little while.

“When the weather was cooler, I was like ‘Yay fall!’ But then it got hotter and I was sad. Fall is my favorite season, summer is not,” senior Lindsay Williams declared.

Other students feel the same way about this indecisive weather.

“It makes me angry that we had a week of cold and now the weather’s going back to hot,” senior Avery McDonald agreed.

Kathleen Cimino also shared her opinion on the weather.

“I don’t like it; it makes my migraines flare up…I have bad joints and the temperature changes make them hurt,” she explained.

Although we cannot change the way the weather is right now, we can still look forward to everything that fall brings.

“I love Halloween; my neighborhood takes it very seriously. Everybody dresses up, and we decorate for Halloween as much as we do for Christmas,” Ms. Sally White revealed.

Colder, crisper weather is a common favorite aspect of fall, but other things come to mind as well.

“I think of warm tea and sweaters. I love to layer up and read a new book, sometimes outside. Or go downtown, get coffee, and walk around,” McDonald expressed.

“I like seeing pumpkins on porches,” Ms. White added.

Another thing that comes with fall are unique traditions that each person has.

“We go to Wooden’s Apple House every year and Trey and I eat hot apple pie. We also pick out a pumpkin,” Ms. White described.

“Most of the women on my mom’s side of the family get together and spend a whole day baking with family recipes,” McDonald recalled.

So, whether your fall is filled with old traditions or new ones that you start, try to enjoy the season for what it is.


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‘Fall’ing Out of Summer