It Is Time To Get Serious About Grades

STUDYING IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS -- Sophomore student Breanna Johnson catches up on her reading assignment.

Sam Helmholtz

STUDYING IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS — Sophomore student Breanna Johnson catches up on her reading assignment.

Sam Helmholtz, Staff Writer

No matter how much you prepare, the start of school and the sudden surge of work and responsibility hits hard. The first quarter of the new year is simultaneously the easiest and most difficult time. Work is not at its peak, but adjustments to new teachers, peers, schedules, and subjects is a rough undertaking. However, now is the time to get serious and fix all those lacking grades and set your sights on the impending future.

According to sophomores Tiana Lockhart and Breanna Johnson, last year’s workload was much more strenuous than what they face now. Despite this, the both agree that their grades could certainly be better.

“To get better grades you have to study and always do your work. I’m not super dedicated, but I know I should be,” Tiana mentioned.

Mrs. Atkins, one of Central’s guidance counselors, seems to agree that few people took this past quarter completely seriously. Students are given every opportunity to succeed and excel. For example, math tutoring is held every week, extra credit is given out in many classes, and your fellow students are always available to assist you. When you fail a class, your name is put on a list. You are called into the guidance office to talk about the situation and your parents are notified so they can help. If grades were not such a big deal, why would the staff care so much about them and why do some students continue to fail again despite this?

The missing factor here is care, or the lack thereof. If you care about the work you are given and make it more of a priority, maintaining grades become exponentially easier. If you look at your homework and think you can take this zero or you are content to fall asleep in class in lieu of taking notes, you need to realize that your future is on the line.

“Better grades mean you will make more money, earn titles, scholarships, and the chance to get a full ride through college,” declared Mrs. Atkins.

The life you embark on after school is heavily dependent on grades. Your wage, your living conditions, your job, and your quality of life are all affected by what you do here and now. It’s time to take it seriously.