‘Tis The Season Of Giving

TIS THE SEASON OF GIVING -- Lexi Fortune is promoting the Chattanooga Food Bank.

Donated to the Digest

‘TIS THE SEASON OF GIVING — Lexi Fortune is promoting the Chattanooga Food Bank.

Dylan Muccino, Staff Writer

Giving has been a very important moral in society for as long as some can remember. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, the spirit of giving has been stronger than ever. With that being said, many students here at Central have different beliefs on what giving means to them.

“Giving is a way to make the less fortunate feel better,” expressed DeShun Coonrod, a senior.

The school’s seniors strive to portray themselves as role models in an effort to show underclassmen what positive choices they can make. Many students at Central have even taken action to give to less fortunate people. For example, student Faith Carter and her friends saw a man in need, so they went into a Cici’s pizza and bought food for him.

“You don’t look for something in return, you give to do it out of the kindness of your heart,” Carter expounded.

There have been several school projects going on at our school with the focus of giving back to the community. The Central Digest has a clothes bin that you can donate to, and with every pound of clothing and shoes donated, the Digest will receive ten cents. All the clothes that are donated to the bin will be sent to individuals in need.

Additionally, the food drive that was organized by the Ruriteen club, had ended recently. There were bins dispersed all around the campus for students and faculty to donate their non-perishables. The Ruriteen club organized this food drive through the food bank ,which provides families in need an entire meal for Thanksgiving. The Ruriteen club is a community club organization that is inspired by the Ruritain club.

“I take joy in giving because of the impact it gives of people,” divulged Donna Rast, the advisor of the Ruriteen club.

Rast grew up in a giving family and believes that giving is just important as anything else. She attended the Ruritan club dances when she was in high school.

The club meets the third Tuesday of every month, and the next meeting is set for November 20 at 2:30 in the Library for those who are interested.

“For me, giving is being kind and giving back to others,” Sophomore Tyana Varner affirmed.

“Some people need help because they can’t provide for themselves,” explained Jainasia Bonds, who is also a sophomore.

“You give to see other people happy,” stated Orlando Gearing, a junior.

Giving comes in all kinds of forms, such as a physical object, emotion, attention, or even confidence. Helping people who are less fortunate is important for the progression of our society in future years.

“Share your love with [others],  it’s important to always care,” Freshman Grace Harrison concluded.