Don’t Be Trashy, Put Litter in Its Place

LITTER LYING IN FRONT OF THE CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL GYM -- A few random pieces of trash were left by students.

Bailey Brantingham

LITTER LYING IN FRONT OF THE CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL GYM — A few random pieces of trash were left by students.

Bailey Brantingham, Video Editor

While many students do not acknowledge it, there is a large problem at Central High School. The amount of trash found daily around campus has been growing and it does not seem to have an end in sight.

A large percentage of the litter has been distributed by the students at Central, but none of them seem to care or even acknowledge it. Not only is it unsightly, but it is also a problem for the staff and custodians as well.

The school janitors’ job is to keep the campus clean, but it is unnecessary for them to have to clean up a mess that is purposely created by the students. If the students would be more conscientious about the mess that they make, they could put an end to this completely avoidable scenario.

When asked about what the students could do to help prevent litter from spreading around the school, Central High School Janitor Richard Owens simply answered, “If you don’t mind, it would make my job a whole lot easier if you would please just pick up after yourself.”

There are many solutions that could help prevent trash from spreading around the school, but the ordeal has just not been the top priority of the administrators.

A method the school could use to help keep the campus clean could be rewarding the students when they clean up after themselves. Giving the students things like dress down days or pep rallies would most likely encourage them to not leave trash lying around.

“Maybe if they announce a reward for a certain amount of bottles recycled, then us students will get a reward like a dress down day. This way it will encourage us and make us want to put our trash and plastic bottles somewhere other than on the floor,” said Sophomore Elizabeth Irving.

While it should not have to be necessary to reward students for simply picking up their own trash, it is worth a try as long as the school stays as tidy and as neat as it should be. Keeping the school clean would not only make the jobs of the staff easier, it would also make students happier to know that their school has a clean and welcoming environment.