The Years Start Coming and They Don’t Stop Coming


Dayonna Carson

THE YEARS START COMING AND THEY DON”T STOP COMING — Three journalism students (Left to right: Abby Young, Danae Wnuk, Jaheim Williams) stand in the hallway.

Danae Wnuk, Staff Writer

There are many pathways we take in life, and depending on the choices we make, these pathways can be reformed, altered, or completely destroyed. Since the first day that I entered high school my mind has only been focused on graduating and leaving for college. I wanted to get as many credits early on as possible so that senior year would be easy. 

This was the year that I finally became a senior, and I have had the least amount of classes each semester. In the first semester, I only had four classes, and during the second, I only had five classes. While the number of courses had decreased, the work was still involved, and I learned very fast that senior year would not be the simple year that I had planned.

At the beginning of the year, I had to alter my classes a bit. I had been placed in a class that I did not need, and I knew it would affect my grade point average if I stayed. I did not have many options to exchange this class for. One of my options was to take journalism. 

I had already been acquainted with this class as most of my friends were already taking journalism and they loved it. I had avoided the class for a while, mostly because I could not fit it into my schedule, but also because I knew that it would force me out of my comfort zone. I decided I would give it a try as it did not seem very threatening towards my grades and time.

I am not a very talkative or sociable person, so it was often difficult to motivate myself to interview new people every week. Journalism has pushed me to be better and to have a louder presence. I am glad that I made the decision to take journalism as it has taught me that I can be a more extroverted person. 

I look back on my high school days and I wonder if I would have been a different person had I taken journalism earlier, but I can not dwell on the past for too long. My choices have made me who I am now, and the only direction I can go is forward. I will take the lessons I have learned from this class with me into college with fondness.