A Look at Central’s Holiday Chefs


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CENTRAL’S HOLIDAY CHEFS — Holiday treats await to be the center of enjoyment.

Blake Catlett, Editor

The holidays are now upon us, and whether your holiday season features Christmas trees, dreidels, or Kwanzaa candles, one thing can unite us all during this season of giving: good food.

Home-cooked meals shared between family and close friends are a staple of most holidays. Food is better than most at bringing people together, especially during the holiday season. This year, the Digest decided to take a look at some of Central’s top holiday chefs.

History teacher Chris Kribs is a grill master throughout the year, and his skills do not dampen with the lowering temperatures of December. During the holiday season, Kribs cooks for his family and loves doing so, and on Christmas, he prepares a prime rib roast. He also loves to cook alongside his brother-in-law whenever he gets the chance. Kribs loves to have his whole family together during this time, but he is taking precautionary measures and limiting festivities to his immediate family.

“I just enjoy sharing good food with wonderful people,” shared Kribs.

Senior Natalie Adams brings out her culinary skills during the holiday season. Outside of this time of year, her favorite dish to make is vegan flatbread pizza. Most times, she cooks by herself, but she shares the experience with her dad from time to time. On Christmas, she usually partners up with the rest of her family and create everyone’s favorites. Natalie Adams shared that her favorite part about cooking is seeing her family’s faces light up when she sets down her creations.

“As far as cooking with both sides of my family, [COVID-19 has] definitely made it hard…but we are all still finding a way to bring joy and full bellies to the holiday!” explained Adams.

Personal finance and business technology teacher Phillip Johnson, like Kribs, cooks throughout the year for his family. Whenever Johnson steps into the kitchen, his main goal is to make sure his family is well-fed and enjoys what he puts on the table. He prefers to cook alone, calling the kitchen his “domain.”

“Cooking is catharsis for me. I enjoy the challenge of creating something from nothing. The only limits are what you don’t have on hand or lack of a suitable substitute,” elaborated Johnson.

The students and faculty at Central hold limitless talent, whether it is inside the classroom or inside the kitchen. The Central Digest wishes all a great holiday season and new year.