Editorial: Should High School Sports Continue During the Pandemic?


Karleigh Schwarzl

SHOULD SPORTS CARRY ON? — Senior Donovin Taylor dribbles the ball in a game against Boyd Buchanan.

Haroun Ghazi, Staff Writer

Sports have been a big talking point over the past year. Many people wondered if they would continue at all for this school year. After all sports were halted almost a year ago, there were many doubts, especially when summer sports and preseason scrimmages were also cancelled. Safety has been the number one concern coming into this year, so of course, close contact sports were at risk. Sports eventually carried on, and there were minimal coronavirus cases from them. 

Sports have always been a part of the culture at Central and pretty much all other high schools as well. Senior Bassam Faleh felt that sports should continue, but only if precautions were taken and followed. He has played soccer for Central since his freshman year and has high hopes that he can safely finish out his final year with the team. Although sports are very important to him, the pandemic and safety are very important as well. The pandemic and a chance of catching the virus is enough to make anyone feel uneasy, especially with how unpredictable COVID-19 can be.

“I am really looking forwards to the season,” stated Faleh. “As long as everybody stays safe and cases stay down to a minimum, then I am sure we can have a fun season.”

Many seniors wanted this season in sports to continue. Sports have always played an important role in the lives of the majority of student athletes. Many have played their respective sports for their whole lives, so their senior year is the perfect farewell to both sports and grade school. 

All student athletes have to be cautious when playing their sports. Senior Jeremy Rodgers has played baseball for Central since his freshman year. Many of these players, including Rodgers, have worked hard for hours in preparation, and they have high expectations for themselves this season. Sports during the pandemic has been a very unique experience, hopefully one that the future generations will never have to experience. 

“For this upcoming season, I think that all we can really do is just leave it up to fate and hope for the best,” said Rodgers.

Sports during the COVID-19 pandemic is a challenge for all of us to tackle. To overcome this challenge, everyone needs to work together towards returning to normal. Almost all can agree that the sooner that things go back to normal, the better.