Isabelle Moody: I’m Off — Catch You Later Central!



Isabelle Moody, Staff Writer

This was my first and only year of being part of the Digest. When I joined the journalism class, I thought that it was going to be just another easy credit. However, this class has been quite a bit more than that. Over half of the work that I did was outside of the classroom. I talked to various people, collected information, and then wrote stories based on the information that I have gathered.

Throughout four years of high school, there have been an immense amount of ups and downs. Though it has been tough and trying, it was ultimately worth it. Reflecting now, I’d do anything to get time back. If I were to go back and re-do anything, I would get more involved with my classmates and peers. I would partake in events happening outside of school such as intimate gatherings and activities. I would like to go back and make more memories with friends and have more fun, but time machines have yet to be released. The point is you never realize how quickly it goes by until you are nearing the end, but looking back instantly and feeling that regret is not an ideal feeling.

In two weeks I, along with my fellow classmates, will be walking across the stage. Afterward, I will be attending Chattanooga State majoring in Surgical Technology. This is my current plan, but things tend to change, but I would have never found a program that met my requirements without Mrs. Alexander. She has been instrumentally helpful throughout the entire process of choosing a college and the path for my future career.

There are various others I would like to thank, but then I’d be writing a book. To be short and sweet, I’d like to thank Massengale and Mallory: the two of you have been some of the most supportive, hardcore people that have been part of my life. The two of you have been brutally honest at times when I never even knew that I needed it. The two of you have taught me life lessons that will stick with me until the day I die. Not only have you been amazing coaches, but you have also been two of the people that I have trusted most.

The first three years of high school were rough, but as my senior year began, it got easier and easier as time went on. Looking back I can only wish to go back and do things differently. I have kept to myself for the most part throughout high school, and that I regret. However, I am finally realizing what people call “the ending of a chapter” as graduation grows closer.

Though this is the end of this chapter, it’s time to turn the page and go on to the next. Having everything I have learned, I am anxious to see what life throws at me next.

Thank you, Central.

Thank you, Central Digest.