But Seriously: Why the Flu?

BUT SERIOUSLY: WHY THE FLU-- Senior DAndre Anderson is suffering from cold and flu symptoms.

Jacob Johns

BUT SERIOUSLY: WHY THE FLU– Senior D’Andre Anderson is suffering from cold and flu symptoms.

Jared Eddy, Columnist

As many have noticed over the past several weeks, the flu is going around. It has been so widespread, Hamilton County and other surrounding counties closed school February 10th because of the amount of absences in schools that week. Despite many schools having many students absent, Central only had about 9% of students absent that week.

“Everything seemed to be normal absent wise,” said Mrs. Terry Rogers, Central’s attendance clerk. “I was really surprised that the students got a day out of school but I am not one to complain.”

Central’s nurse felt that Central was fairly healthy compared to other schools.

“It was really the elementary schools who got affected the most,” commented Cindy Wilson, Central’s school nurse. “We got lucky this year and our kids have stayed really healthy.”

But seriously, how did Central have very few cases and the rest of the county had a large number of absences?

February is the usual time for the flu to have an outbreak. Chattanooga has  had a widespread a lot earlier than normal. The reason behind the flu being more rampant in elementary schools pertains to the students. Many students will sneeze or cough and not wash their hands. Others are sick with the flu but still come to school, causing the spread of the illness.

Want to prevent getting the flu? Then make sure to wash your hands after coming in contact with items such as doorknobs, phones, and other items and surfaces that are touched by hands often. It is also not too late to get the flu shot if you haven’t already!