Hey, Hay Hay!: Who Needs to Step Up, Freshmen or Seniors?

SENIOR VS. FRESHMAN --  Freshman Alex White pretends to beat up injured senior Haylee Smith.

Hannah Walker

SENIOR VS. FRESHMAN — Freshman Alex White pretends to beat up injured senior Haylee Smith.

Haylee Smith, Columnist

Walking into high school as a freshman can be hard. Every aspect of the year from being called a grape, getting booed at during pep rallies, or getting excluded from the overall group; it is not the most fun grade. However, it is funny how fast our opinions change over the years as we make our way from the bottom of the totem pole, to the top.

Seniors tend to have mixed feelings about freshmen. Most people picture the senior/freshmen relationship to be unstable, but it is interesting to see how they really feel about each other.

Senior Bethsy Harrigan stated, “Freshmen tend to continue their childish behavior from middle school. Freshman aren’t really mature or disciplined; they are still set in their middle school ways.”

The typical freshman behavior is expected. For seniors, it is a different story. Seniors are told that they should be the leaders of the school and that they should set an example for underclassmen. After all, seniors have been at the school the longest at this point. However, some freshmen said that [seniors] are not the best example and that [seniors] may not be the best leaders either.

Carmen Crabtree, a freshman, commented, “I’ve noticed some of the seniors disrespect the teachers, and that’s not a good example for other students. One thing I wish I could change about seniors would have to be for them to step up.”

So the real question becomes who really needs to step up, freshmen or seniors?

Even though not all seniors are disrespectful, and not all freshmen are childish, we should always take into consideration just how our actions are affecting others. Whether it is watching out for a freshman or looking up to a senior, there is always a way to get along.