Hey, Hay Hay!: Halloween: Trick or Treat?

CANDY!  -- It is time for Trick-or _Treating, which means free candy.

Madi Blackburn

CANDY! — It is time for Trick-or _Treating, which means free candy.

Haylee Smith, Columnist

It is Halloween time, the one time where it is perfectly okay to eat lots of candy without someone questioning you. However, as a high school student, some could question if it is acceptable to still be able to trick or treat.

Junior Delaynie France expressed, “In my opinion, trick-or-treating is a fun activity you can do with family or friends…”

Most parents with small children question high school trick or treaters due to safety reasons. Other people simply fear the typical ‘tricking’: house-rolling or egging. That being said, high school students who go door to door should be mature enough to keep things under control.

Now listen fellow teenagers, going to trick or treat does not mean going to some Halloween party where you will be a part of something you will later regret. Be a safe student and make good choices. Also, it is not cool to take candy from a baby; do not take that expression literally, especially this time of the year.

Another word of advice, if someone is judging you for trick or treating do not let it bother you, even if they have a valid point.

Senior Avery McDonald commented, “Oh of course they [teenagers] get judged, but who cares; if you’re having fun then it doesn’t matter what people think.”

Free candy is an excuse for going door to door, but most teenagers normally get away with it if they have a little sibling with them; so take note. Just kidding; but in all honesty if you want to have fun then I encourage you to get out there and get some candy!

The solution to this problem is: if you want to trick or treat, then go for it! It could be a real “treat” to hang out with your friends and get candy. Watch out though, it is easy to get ‘tricked’ if you are not paying attention.

To conclude, please be careful. Always keep note of your surroundings, and do not go by yourself. Even if you think you are a responsible student, anything is possible, so be smart. It is never a bad idea to let your parents know where you are too. Trick or treating can be fun, but only if you are being careful. Happy Halloween!