Hey, Hay Hay!: Let’s Take Your Temperature, Central

HOT OR NOT? -- (left to right) Seniors Ashley Crum and Madison Young help me  figure out the school temperature.

Madi Blackburn

HOT OR NOT? — (left to right) Seniors Ashley Crum and Madison Young help me figure out the school temperature.

Haylee Smith, Columnist

Once again here we are at school, either trying to stay warm or trying to find an air conditioner. You could walk into any class in the school and experience what seems to be like going from the icy tundras of Alaska to the hot beaches of Hawaii. The fluctuating temperature has been a problem for students since I was a freshman and even before that, and it has never truly been fixed.

“It changes everywhere you go! Sometimes it’s cold and somtimes it’s hot!” Freshman Skyler Woodward exclaimed.

Unfortunately, the front office does not actually have control over how hot or cold a room can get. So it seems that there is a major temperature problem, but in reality, Central High has no control over its climate.

“Central office controls how hot or cold a room is. Sometimes it can be a long process to get the temperature accurately read,” Principal Mr. King stated.

A consequence of the inaccurate reading, however, is a freezing cold or sweltering hot environment. You can also notice the crazy temperature going from pod to pod.

“In D-pod it’s sometimes freezing and other times unbearably hot,” Senior Alex Berry expressed.

“I think it’s the inconsistency between pods. It can be 20 below zero in one pod and 90 in another and it’s at any given day, week, month, year, or season,” Librarian Ms. Martin affirmed.

As a library aide, I am in the library for two periods. Going in I am pretty warm, but there is no getting out without being as cold as an icicle. At this point you never know what you are going to get when walking in.

“It’s either colder than a freezer in Antarctica or hotter than the hinges on the gates of Hades,” Ms. Martin joked.

I guess you could say that the temperature is a little bi-‘polar’ at times. You might ‘sweat’ it, but I promise, it will be alright.

So listen up, here is how you can stay in class and not feel like you will be made into an ice-cube or a bowl of stew. First, layer up and always have a dress code hoodie and some gloves with you. Second, you should consider wearing some sandals to combat sweaty feet, but bring some socks just in case. Finally, if you are feeling fancy, add in a nice scarf to compliment your class polo. The scarf will keep your neck warm if you are cold and it will catch your sweat if you are hot; just kidding.

Last, which one is faster, hot or cold? Hot, because everyone knows how easy it is to catch a cold.