FRACTION ACTION -- Moyer teaches a variety of different topics, but one of her most favored topics is fractions.

Haylee Smith

FRACTION ACTION -- Moyer teaches a variety of different topics, but one of her most favored topics is fractions.

Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Moyer Continues to Impact Students Through Math

Even though math is not a strong suit for some, the opposite is true for Honors Algebra 2, Precalculus, and Calculus teacher, Mrs. Peggy Moyer. For 15 years, she has been educating students on how solve problems in various math courses.

Little do most people know, Mrs. Moyer has not always been a math teacher, she has also been a chemical engineer.

“I went to Michigan State University and majored in chemical engineering. After working for 4 years, I went to Purdue University and got a Masters in Food Engineering. We moved to Chattanooga so I could work at McKee Foods,” Moyer explained.

In high school, Moyer had thoughts about teaching math or engineering, but she decided to become an engineer first. However, Moyer decided to pursue her career in teaching math.

“I enrolled at UTC and did their Masters in initial license education program.  I was a graduate assistant for Dr. McAllister and have been able to work for her since graduation as a facilitator for teacher workshops,” Moyer furthered.

Currently, Moyer is certified to teach students from seventh to twelfth grade, and she is able to teach just about any math there is.

“I have taught Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Advanced Algebra/Trig, Bridge, Sails, Precalculus, and Calculus,” elucidated Moyer.

One of Moyer’s favorite things about teaching is getting to see her students learn. Many of the kids at Central love Mrs. Moyer’s class and are happy to have her teach them new lessons. Among those students is sophomore Jordan Hudson.

“She [Mrs. Moyer] is a great teacher; she explains very complex lessons really well,” Hudson shared.

Mrs. Moyer is also there to give advice whenever a student is in need.

“You are learning stuff not just for the next test but to be prepared for the next class and/or stage of life.  Many facts need to be ‘deep learned’ and remembered for years because that information keeps coming back,” Moyer expressed.

Many cherish Mrs. Moyer now, and as she continues her legend of teaching, many will cherish her in the future. Finally, a thank you is in order to Mrs. Moyer for helping students grow and learn as they make their way through high school and graduate on to college.


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