Alumni Spotlight: Melony Martin Continues to Show School Spirit As Band Booster President

Kaylee York, Staff Writer

It seems like year after year, Central loses it’s best students. However, some come back to do good for the school, or they go on to do bigger and better things. Melony Martin, who graduated in 1993, is a prime example of this.

Two years after graduating from Central, she got married. Her job back then was as a stay-at-home mom; it made her happy and she loved doing it. Later, after her second daughter started elementary school, she needed something to do, so she began substituting for teachers at Wallace A. Smith Elementary School.

“Substitute teaching seemed to work well for me. I went to work with my girls, and came home with my girls. My absolute favorite class to substitute in was the CDC class,” explained Martin.

She worked as a substitute for a while, but when one of the assistants she worked with was leaving the class, Martin decided to take her place.

“I believe with my whole heart that God opened that door for me. My job isn’t a job, it’s a calling. There are so many different needs in our classroom, and not many people have the patience to adapt to every need. This is my tenth year in the CDC class, and I wouldn’t change a thing,” delivered Martin.

Many people do not have the patience or courage for working a job of this much difficulty, but she felt as this was meant to be. She did not see these students any different than the ones in regular classes.

“I grew up with an uncle who had Down Syndrome, I also have a cousin who is intellectually disabled. We were so close as children, and still are today. I knew them as just people; I never saw them as any different. I want the kids in our room to have relationships like that with their peers,” vocalized Martin.

Even through working as a CDC teacher, she is also the Band Booster’s President, which is her official title. The band kids, however, see her more as the ‘Band Mom’. She is always available to give students rides to concerts or football games, she makes sure they have water during band practice, or football games. Martin even provides food for those who go without it.

“I guess my official title is president, but we are totally a team! I have been a band mom at Central for eight years now, with one more to go. The parents that have filtered through have all been amazing! I try to help Mr. Bloodworth with anything the band needs; he is truly a blessing to our teens,” voiced Martin.

She may have one year left as Central’s band chaperone, but after that her youngest daughter will join the marching band, where she can come back and support the Pounders.

“I believe I’ll still frequent the games and cheer on the band kids. I am just as proud of all of them as if they were my own,” concluded Martin