Former Central JROTC Member, Jeanine White, Now a Colonel at Pentagon

FROM CENTRAL HIGH TO THE PENTAGON -- Jeanine White ('89) now is a Colonel in the United States Military.

Jeanine White

FROM CENTRAL HIGH TO THE PENTAGON -- Jeanine White ('89) now is a Colonel in the United States Military.

Meghan Duncan, Sports Editor

“My favorite thing about Central was the JROTC program, the comradery, and the friendships forged while active in the Drill Team, Color Guard, Rangers, and Disc and Diamond Club,” stated Jeanine White.

Jeanine White graduated in the class of 1989 at Central High School. She found an interest in the military at a young age, after participating in a few JROTC Drill Team events and receiving strong encouragement. White participated in several activities at Central such as JROTC, Chorus, and Yearbook Club. She continued that throughout high-school.

“When I was a freshman, the Commander on the Drill Team told me that girls like me did belong in JROTC, much less the Drill Team. I guess it was more of a challenge to prove I could, so I did,” shared White.

White continued ROTC throughout college while attending the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (UTC). There she earned her Bachelor of Science in Psychology and later received a Masters of Science in National Resource Strategy from the National Defense University. Other than continuing ROTC, she also participated in the Rangers, and assisted in several Color Guard events.

“I just fell into ease with the regimented lifestyle of the military; predictability is very comfortable to me. Although, ambiguity and change is something senior leaders, like myself, thrive in,” admitted White.

White is currently the Chief Military Secretariat for the Directorate of Strategy, Plans, and Policy (J-5) within the Joint Staff at the Pentagon. White is also a Colonel (O-6—Regular Army).

“Some of my favorite jobs are always while I am in command. I have commanded four separate times leading units anywhere from 351-1278 personnel strong collocated with my headquarters to spread out across three continents. I will soon take the lead of a Key Billet as the G-1 for a new 4-Star Headquarters (Future Command) assisting in building the structure of the organization and hiring all the personnel, both military and civilian,” explained White.

Since her time in the military, White has been stationed throughout the continental United States: Ft. McClellan, Alabama, Ft. Riley, Kansas, Ft. Carson, Colorado, Ft. Polk, Louisiana, Ft. Belvoir, Virginia, Ft. Knox, Kentucky, and twice to the Pentagon. She has also been stationed in German and Italy and been deployed to Kuwait and Iraq.

White plans to retire in the next three to five years, but she expresses her ideas of finishing out her career in the military.

“I plan to enjoy the portfolio I have been assigned to accomplish and the people I work with. I enjoy serving and will continue performing at a high standard until they day I retire,” concluded White.