The Beginning of the End

THE BEGINNING OF THE END -- Columnist Laurelie Holmberg poses with some of her favorite books.

Greg Cantrell

THE BEGINNING OF THE END — Columnist Laurelie Holmberg poses with some of her favorite books.

Laurelie Holmberg, Columnist

Hiya! Welcome to Two Truths, One Laurelie, the adventurous column where I, Laurelie, give you an up-to-date rundown of all things Central!

This week’s article is going to be a fun introduction to my new column, random facts, quirky personality traits, and horrible puns are what makes me… well me.

Jumping right in, my full name is Laurelie Holmberg, and I am a senior here at Central. Standing at five foot one, with absolutely no muscular bones in my body, I am often mistaken for a freshman. My loud and unique personality, however, tends to set me apart from my peers.

“You are just a kind, sweet, and funny person that can get along with anyone,” said Kaylee York, a senior.

My main priority as a student at Central is to make sure all students feel welcome and appreciated. To achieve this goal, I try to start every day with a smile and a whole lot of kindness!

Along with being kind, I also love a good laugh! My favorite T.V. series, The Office, is a staple part of my life. In the show, the protagonist, Micheal Scott, is constantly cracking hilarious jokes and performing wild comedy stunts. Horrible jokes and cringy puns are the highlight of my life.

Not only do I love a good laugh, I also enjoy a good scare. My favorite season is autumn, especially around Halloween, so old horror movies, such as Friday the 13th, and all of the other Halloween movies really get me in the holiday spirit. Roasting pumpkin seeds and making cinnamon tea is also pretty spooktacular in my book.

Fall also brings football! I love attending all sporting events at Central; most often you can find me in the student section at football games or cheering on the sidelines during soccer matches. Even though I used to play sports, the thought of running today is quite terrifying, so I just stick to cheering.

Although I love spending hours on the field supporting my favorite athletes, community service is also a big part of my life. Twice a week I volunteer with the Humane Educational Society, and I am also involved with many other organizations, such as the Ronald McDonald House and Fostering Hope For Kids. Whenever I start volunteering at a new place, I always try to get my friends involved too; I guess you could call them my volunpeers.

Finally, now that you know a little bit about me, I can introduce the best part of my column. Every week, after I share my new story, two truths and one lie about myself will be at the end of my article. You, as my wonderful readers, will have until my next story to figure out which statement is the lie. So, without further ado here are two truths and one lie:

I have a scar on my foot from where I tripped on a toy bat at a birthday party.

I am afraid of cartoon vampires.

My favorite number is 2,319 because I loved Monsters INC. as a child.

Good luck!