Central’s Next Top Construction Worker

CENTRALS NEXT TOP CONSTRUCTION WORKER -- Columnist Laurelie Holmbeg is scolded by biology teacher, Mr.Fomby.

Celisia Snakenberg

CENTRAL’S NEXT TOP CONSTRUCTION WORKER — Columnist Laurelie Holmbeg is scolded by biology teacher, Mr.Fomby.

Laurelie Holmberg, Columnist

It’s not Paris, it’s not Dubai, it’s the new hall passes at Central High! Lately, as most of you have noticed, Central has acquired some “interesting” new hall passes. The bright orange construction- type vests are surely a sight worth modeling. They make me wonder if students are running errands or fixing potholes!

Each new vest features a wonderful 100 percent polyester mesh fabric, along with smooth reflective surfaces for those times you need to go to the bathroom in the dark. Each vest also includes a personalized teacher’s name, perfect for showing love to your favorite staff members! The lovely bright orange color is easy to spot and conveniently our principal Mr. King’s favorite color: Tennessee Volunteer orange.

Wearing the vest can be quite tricky. Most students prefer to use one arm, while others decide to go all in and model it like a true vest. Other options include wearing it backward so you can proudly show off your favorite teacher’s name on your chest or even carrying it between your fingers. It should be noted the last option is not recommended by school administrators Mr. Lewis or Mr. King as they prefer you to wear it like a true Central Pounder, the correct way.

Although the new passes make quite the fashion statement, the reviews from students are mixed.

“Dude, I rock it every time I wear it!” said senior Ivan Micheal.

Some students, however, have quickly decided orange is just not their color.

“I just feel like it is really serious for a hall pass and it’s too bright. I think a different version of hall passes would be good, just not the vests,” said a senior who often wears the pass to walk around the school.

King also commented on the new hall passes.

“I know they aren’t the most fashion forward, but we need them. There has to be a way to identify people in the hallways,” he explained

The vests are definitely interesting but also kind of odd. There are benefits including being able to tell students from unwelcome guests and knowing where a student is coming from by the teacher’s name on the vest. However, the overall cleanliness and style is debatable.

Either way, Central definitely deserves an award for the most interesting hall passes; they are sure to make quite an impression on any visitors. This makes me wonder if we might start finding students by the new track where construction workers are busily drilling and digging in preparation for our new Central High track that should be finished in the spring of 2019… They have the right uniform to help!

Jumping back to last week, I gave two truths and one lie about myself. The lie was I have a scar on my foot from where I tripped on a toy bat at a birthday party! I actually do have a scar on my foot but I got it from breaking a pool ladder! Which means 2,319 is actually my favorite number, mostly because of the one scene in Monsters Inc where a sock is attached to a monster’s back and they have to call the health inspector to remove it. This also means I am afraid of cartoon vampires, which actually dates back to my early childhood. I used to be obsessed with Scooby Doo and one episode containing a vampire scared me so bad I have been terrified ever since! Now onto this week’s two truths and one lie:

  • I once kissed a fish because my dad told me I would catch more if I did
  • I did not learn how to swim until I was 12
  • I own and taught myself to play the ukulele

Good Luck!