Central, What’s Good?

CENTRAL, WHATS GOOD?-- Honor students Larissa Ryabchuk (left) Laurelie Holmberg (middle) and Delaynie France (right) showing being good is the way to go.

Phoebe Sevanick

CENTRAL, WHAT’S GOOD?– Honor students Larissa Ryabchuk (left) Laurelie Holmberg (middle) and Delaynie France (right) showing being good is the way to go.

Laurelie Holmberg, Columnist

Every school has ups and downs; many times when a school is experiencing one of its downs, a lot of people will focus on all the negative aspects of the school and the community. Recently, Central received some negative light in the media for the irresponsible actions of a select few students. Many parents and fellow community members decided to paint our wonderful school in a disapproving shade, as if we are all responsible for certain students actions. To turn this negative attention around, I decided to dedicate this week’s column to all the wonderful things about Central and the students who contribute.

To start, last Friday the Purple Pounders scored an incredible victory over Howard! Coach Jones and Coach Kribs not only led the team to victory but also created a wonderful group of boys to represent the Pounder spirit!

Furthermore, last week the AP Government students hosted a voter registration drive to urge any students 17 and older to register to vote. Overall, about 40 young adults will be ready to vote in the forthcoming election! This is a wonderful opportunity for our school because although voting is fun, registering can be difficult, so it is always great to have helpful students lined up to take you through the process!

In bigger news, Ms. White, Central’s favorite theater teacher, received the Golden Apple Educator of the Week award! This is a highly distinguished award given out to only the best and most qualified teachers in the area. Ms. White is known for being a wonderful English teacher and a very gifted theater teacher; she even hosts extravagant productions two times a year! It is no wonder she received such amazing recognition!

Lastly, Central is gearing up for an amazing fall blood drive! Each year, the JROTC students and faculty encourage as many students as possible to “save a life” and give a little blood to those in need. Sign-ups are in the cafeteria by the senior section, so make sure to hop over there and volunteer! This is a wonderful opportunity for Central because there is always a high population of students willing and able to donate.

Overall, Central High is a wonderful school with unlimited potential and dedicated students. The negative media attention is only a small bump in the road to the positive destiny that Central creates for the students and staff. At the end of the day, I am always proud to call myself a Purple Pounder for life.

Switching back to last week, my lie just so happened to be that I really hate ketchup. I am actually quite a fan of ketchup considering it is the only condiment I eat! Here are this week’s two truths and one lie!

  1. I used to play basketball.
  2. I write songs in my free time.
  3. When I was in elementary school I almost always got sick on Valentine’s day.