Central Alumnus Erin Lucas Ruminates On Her Time at Central

CENTRAL ALUMNUS ERIN LUCAS RUMINATES ON HER TIME AT CENTRAL -- Alumnus Erin Lucas (mid left) and her husband, Mike Lucas, (mid right) devote time with their children Mia (far right) and Evan (far left).

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CENTRAL ALUMNUS ERIN LUCAS RUMINATES ON HER TIME AT CENTRAL -- Alumnus Erin Lucas (mid left) and her husband, Mike Lucas, (mid right) devote time with their children Mia (far right) and Evan (far left).

Sam Helmholtz, Staff Writer

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The majority of students at some point during their school career have wondered at least once what their Algebra class could possibly translate into in the real world. Central alumnus Erin Lucas is a shining example of how the principles taught in math class are utilized in life. Lucas is an informatics specialist in medical economics at Cigna Healthcare; she utilizes mathematics daily in order to report revenue and savings data for the company.

Her mother, previous Central Psychology and Sociology teacher, Tina Staton, was a teacher during her high school years, and acted as a stark encouragement for good behavior. After her junior year, she embarked on an American Studies trip, allowing her to visit locations such as Washington, DC, Boston, and New York City. Lucas was a member of the National Honors Society and was a part of the basketball and softball teams.

“I have wonderful memories of attending sporting events and playing sports,” Lucas reflected, “I learned so much from my teammates and coaches, not only about basketball and softball, but life in general.”

Lucas graduated from Central in 2000 with 35 college credits already in tow. She attended Middle Tennessee State University for her first year of college, later transitioning to the University of Tennessee in Chattanooga for her final three years. She chose to major in Accounting, knowing that it is a degree that is versatile and highly desirable in the workforce.

“I enjoy math and analytics. Accounting is so versatile that one can head down many different avenues – Tax, Audit, Corporate or Individual Accounting, Analytics, etc,” commented Lucas, “There is always a need for accountants; all workplaces need those who can do the math, reporting, analyze the results, and understand the strengths and opportunities of a business.”

Graduating in May of 2004 with her Accounting degree firm in hand, Lucas went out into the world. In the summer of 2017, she became an informatics specialist in medical economics at Cigna Healthcare. Due to the use of modern technology, Lucas doesn’t have to go into the office and can instead spend time at home with her main priority, her family, while still performing for her work.

“My job is only a small part of my life. It’s great and I love being challenged and working for a great company, but my true job that I find the most fulfilling is that of being a mother and a wife,” mused Lucas.

Presently, Lucas lives with her husband, Mike Lucas, her two children, Mia and Evan, and her plethora of pets in Soddy Daisy. Lucas coaches cross country for her childrens’ elementary school and often volunteers for her church. Her husband acts as the Educational Director at Mountain Creek Church of Christ. As her reflections on her past time as a student come, she leaves with a final word of advice for students currently attending Central High.

“Consider yourself a work-in-progress,” Lucas expressed. “With each hurdle, mistake, victory – learn something from that moment. You don’t have to be perfect, but hold yourself accountable and focus on personal growth and development.”

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