PD..Actually, How About We Not

PD...ACTUALLY HOW ABOUT WE NOT -- Personal displays of affection have been a big problem at our school.

Celisia Snakenberg

PD…ACTUALLY HOW ABOUT WE NOT — Personal displays of affection have been a big problem at our school.

Laurelie Holmberg, Columnist

Classrooms, hallways, and even the agora, defining places of wonder at Central High, are becoming infected. ‘What is this disease?’ one may ask. Excessive public display of affection, better known as PDA, has plagued our great school. Sadly, I have to be the bearer of bad news by informing the student body of this growing problem. I am kind of like the FDA for PDA.

Do not get me wrong, I love cute couples just as much as the next person, but we have to draw the line somewhere. The problem is, as the months get colder, we tend to want to be closer to one another, but sometimes the line between closeness and PDA gets a little smudged. To help solve this problem, and maybe save the eyes of some of my fellow peers, I have dedicated this week’s column to excessive PDA and why we should ditch it all together.

First and foremost, PDA is actually kinda gross. Most students at Central love that one couple that seems to be perfect for each other, but do we really want to see them making out behind the vending machines? Yeah, probably not. Hugging and holding hands is a mature and simple way to show affection without making other students feel uncomfortable. In the end, it is always smart to consider the other people around you before engaging with your partner.

Many students also have strong opinions about PDA.

“I just feel like it’s inappropriate and disrespectful to everyone else. It’s something you should keep to the walls of your home,” conceded Senior Breasia Montgomery.

“I just think it’s gross. If you act like that in public, what are people going to think you do in the dark?” questioned Chloe Mathis, a senior at Central.

Furthermore, many teachers also feel as though PDA is gross and does not belong in the halls.

“I realize I’m old school, but there is a time and place for that, and it isn’t here,” quipped Kara Fannon, who teaches English 12.

Mrs. Fannon also suggested that students who engage in PDA should have to inform their parents of their hallway acts.

“I really feel as if despite the parent, despite the background, any parent would not want their child engaging in PDA the way they do here at Central,” Fannon explained.

In the end, no matter what policy is introduced, only couples can truly decide to drop PDA once and for all. Most students at Central would hope for couples to stop the overuse of affection, but until then, we just have to get really good at turning our heads.

Hopping back to last week, I left with a pretty interesting lie. Sadly, I do not own any dinosaur puppets, which means yes, I have been to Disney, and yes, I did have a weird habit of ordering cherries before every meal. Here are this week’s Two Truths and One Lie:

  1. I only eat green M&M’s.
  2. I have been on TV.
  3. My favorite drink is pink lemonade.