MISSING: ONE TURKEY, If Found Do Not Mention Thanks or Giving


Celisia Snakenberg


Laurelie Holmberg, Columnist

Jingle Bells Jingle Bells, Thanksgivings on the way! It is holiday season my friends and things are getting warm and toasty… and maybe even smelly? Thanksgiving is on the way and I can already smell all the amazing food! Thanksgiving at my house has always been a big deal, family from all over brings dishes upon dishes, and the day after Thanksgiving we all go to the Christmas tree farm and pick out a tree!

This year I realized there are a lot of wonderful things I am thankful for, from sweet friends and family to all the wonderful acceptance letters from colleges. I am also thankful for getting the opportunity to write this column every week! While thinking of all the things I am thankful for I started to wonder what everyone else is thankful for. So, this week I decided to ask all the wonderful students and staff at Central what they are thankful for!

While Thanksgiving means a lot to some people, others choose to reflect on the holiday in a more relaxed view.

“I get to eat good food, sleep late, and enjoy a day of doing nothing with my family,” said College Advisor Stacy Alexander.

True to her words, many people choose to spend Thanksgiving eating and lounging around. I love to fix an enormous plate and spend the rest of the day watching old Christmas movies while taking casual naps, it really is one of the best holidays!

“For me, Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on all the things I have and the things I don’t have or need,” said Mrs. Cotreau.

Often times Thanksgiving reminds people of all the wonderful things they have and the many opportunities just around the corner. Like Mrs. Cotreau, I choose to view Thanksgiving day as a time to think about all the wonderful things I have and all the difficult things I do not have to deal with.

Like the staff, many students also have things to be thankful for. Many students are thankful for family and friends, while others are thankful for having food on the table and a warm house to stay in. Furthermore, around this time I tend to think of the unfortunate families who do not have all these wonderful things. I encourage each and every person to spend a portion of their Thanksgiving finding ways to volunteer or donate to those who are less fortunate. It is a wonderful feeling knowing someone is having a joyful holiday season because of what one person chose to donate!

Before I leave for Thanksgiving I want to leave with a couple of Holiday themed facts about me. Last week I left with the sad lie, that pink lemonade is not my favorite drink, in fact, I actually do not like it at all! Which means I have been on T.V and I only eat green M&Ms. Here are this week’s Two Truths One Lie:

  1. I am a vegetarian, so yes, no turkey for me on Thanksgiving.
  2. My favorite pie to eat on Thanksgiving is Chocolate Smore’s.
  3. One Thanksgiving my family almost did not eat because I froze the meat instead of putting it in the fridge.

Also, before I go, it seems as if my poor turkey got a look at the calendar and decided to move his summer vacation up a couple months! He responds to Sir Reginald McStuffins TastesGood, if someone happens to find him I recommend not mentioning thanks or giving or really anything having to do with the word fork or knife…