Two Truths, One Laurelie: Lights, Camera, Pandas!

TWO TRUTHS ONE LAURELIE READY, SET, PANDAS -- Students watch live panda cams during their  downtime as a way to unwind from a stressful day of school.

Celisia Snakenberg

TWO TRUTHS ONE LAURELIE READY, SET, PANDAS — Students watch live panda cams during their downtime as a way to unwind from a stressful day of school.

Laurelie Holmberg, Columnist

Animal cams became wildly popular after one giraffe, named April, was filmed during her pregnancy. Social media covered her every move, creating a star overnight. Since then, many animal cams have popped up and given viewers around the world a glimpse into the lives of these creatures. Recently, I have become acquainted with the panda cam.

Pandas are widely respected as being some of the most spiritual animals on earth. Both majestic and wise, pandas embody peace and serenity. These animals have recently influenced my own quest for joy and serenity. Since April the giraffe, I have watched many animal cams on and off. Lately, however, I have found the pandas offer a soothing viewing experience on the most difficult days.

This sounds crazy, I understand, but there is something about watching an animal, unbothered with the harsh realities of life, frantically shoving bamboo in his mouth that makes one’s day. Not to mention, most of the pandas spend the day lounging about in trees with soft smiles of pure contentment, which is a truly wonderful sight to behold. Furthermore, the animals not only are filmed eating and sleeping, but the animals will also play, too. The cow cam in particular sometimes previews young calves playing with a beach ball or licking their noses… very cute.

It should also be noted that I am not the only person who is entertained by these animal cams. While watching in my classes I have gained the attention of other students who never knew these cams existed.

“It’s very calming and when your life is on fire it’s very soothing. Its kind of like reality T.V for animals,” said senior student Brittney Hoang.

In a sense, Hoang is right. Reality T.V captures millions of viewers’ attention each year; reality T.V for animals is just sweeter and a little more real.

Not only are the cams much like T.V., but they are also a great background saver. If one is doing stressful homework or studying for a big test, keeping an adorable panda in sight can ease stress and tension. Although watching animals may seem odd at first, it is very easy to quickly get roped into their gentle nature and playful mindlessness.

As I mentioned earlier, there are other options than just the panda cam. Many websites offer free viewing to almost any animal one can imagine. My favorites include cows, seals, and walruses. For non-animal lovers, one site offers a space and forest cam. These cams offer a soothing look into beautiful landscapes and lush mountainous escapes.

I do not know how to exactly sum up my experiences watching animal cams other than to say that anyone who has never watched one should go do so now. It is free, easy to access and is worth any amount of time one can give it. I highly suggest the pandas but whatever peaks one’s interests is awesome too!

Last week I left with some very interesting food truths and one lie. It is true I caught my microwave on fire, I have also blown many foods up in it. In my defense, I am a much better baker. It is also true I do not like chocolate chip cookies, crazy I know right? That is not to say I will not eat them if I am desperate, but in general, I stay away. That means no, the random sushi roll I named is not my favorite. I actually also do not eat sushi, something about raw fish and seaweed just does not give me warm, fuzzy feelings. This week I figured I would leave with some interesting animal truths and lies about myself.

  1. Sharks are actually one of my favorite animals (it is the smile).
  2. I once fed a REAL giraffe.
  3. I used to have a pet goldfish, well for 3 days at least.