Laura Costello Takes the Reigns of the Advanced Studies Program

COSTELLO TAKES THE REIGNS OF THE ADVANCED STUDIES PROGRAM - - Pictured above is Laura Costello working in her new office in B-Pod.

Blake Catlett

COSTELLO TAKES THE REIGNS OF THE ADVANCED STUDIES PROGRAM - - Pictured above is Laura Costello working in her new office in B-Pod.

Blake Catlett, Assistant Editor

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The end of last school year saw the departure of Central’s advanced studies teacher, Danielle Hooper. However, this year the gifted department obtained newfound leadership in Laura Costello. Costello is very excited about this new opportunity and is eager to lead the gifted students of Central High.

Costello is fairly new to the Chattanooga area. In fact, she finished moving just a few days before the school year started. Costello adores the city and is overjoyed to be living here; she loves the restaurants in the downtown area and enjoys visiting the Montague Sculpture Garden whenever she can.

Costello started her postsecondary education at Florida Atlantic University (FAU). There, she majored in English and  received her bachelor’s degree. After graduating, Costello moved to New York City, but soon returned to FAU.

“I was a total nerd. I loved literature and would always be in the middle of five or six books,” shared Costello.

In New York City, she found a job at the Silver Palate, one of the best gourmet bakeries in the city. Costello worked at the Silver Palate for 15 years. During her time there, her cranberry pecan tart was reviewed in the New York Times; she  received a rating of four stars, which is the best rating that one could receive.

Costello then decided to return to her alma mater, FAU, to continue her education. She started graduate school to further her knowledge of English. After finishing graduate school, Costello began teaching at FAU. She taught for 14 years before moving on to a more gifted area.

She taught advanced studies in a few schools in Florida. These schools provided advanced studies and English within the classroom, so teaching advanced studies here as a separate class is a whole new experience for her.

“She is very enthusiastic and wants to enrich educational experiences beyond the classroom walls,” said Principal Phil Iannarone about having Costello as the advanced studies teacher.

Costello is extremely excited to start teaching advanced studies here at Central. She loves spending time with students and cannot wait to get started on the various activities she has planned for the school year. In the coming weeks, she plans to prove to be a great addition to the Central staff.