Looking Back: 1959-1960 Pounders Continue Tradition of ‘Pounders on Parade’


Preservation of Chattanooga Central History

LOOKING BACK: 1959-1960 POUNDERS CONTINUE TRADITION OF 'POUNDERS ON PARADE' -- Students are preparing for the "Pounders on Parade" show. Pictured left to right are Patsy Farmer, Rachel Temple, Linda Park, Diane Alverson, and Gerry Robinson.

Blake Catlett, Assistant Editor

Pounders on Parade to be Presented Tonight

October 1959

The “Pounders on Parade” was one of Central’s “really great shows” of the year. The Band, Battalion, and Majorettes performed on the night of October 2. The annual show included a variety of skills and acts, including skits, musical performances, and dances. “Pounders on Parade,” aimed to raise money for the band and battalion trips this year to the Meninak Bowl in Jacksonville, Florida. The show was a great way to support the school while enjoying a great show.

Students Form JCL-Latin Club

October 1959

Students in Central’s Latin class formed a new club, the Junior Classical League (JCL). They would meet during Ms. Hunter’s second period on the first Friday on each month. Students formed the JCL to encourage young people to further appreciate the culture, literature, and art of ancient Greece and Rome. They also looked at the influence these societies had on the world around us.

Tennessee Tech Gives Program in Assembly

January 1960

Tennessee Tech’s Choir and Brass Choir held a special performance at Central on Monday, January 18. The choir performed “Ruler of Heaven, O Hark to Our Voices” by Back and “Love Song Waltzes” by Straus; The Brass Choir performed “Sonato No.1,” “I Love My Blessed Saviour,” and “How Firm a Foundation.” After the performance, the choirs continued their tour around the area.

Glee Club Goes to New Orleans

March 1960

On the first day of the trip, the club performed shows in Fort Payne, Collinsville, and Montgomery, Alabama. They finished the day off with a sightseeing tour around the historic capital. The next day, the students traveled to Mississippi, where they performed shows in Gulfport and Biloxi. On the third day of the trip, the students arrived in New Orleans. The club performed at Bay St. Louis High School and spent the remainder of the day enjoying the city.

Digest Dedicated to Shelton and Schwartz

May 1960

The Central Digest staff of ’60 took great pleasure in dedicating the 44th volume to two longtime Central teachers, Mrs. John A. Shelton and Ms. Lillie Schwartz. Shelton and Schwartz retired after the end of the 1959-1960 school year. Shelton taught at Central for 51 years, was the head of the English department, and was a sponsor of the Lookout Chapter of the National Honor Society. Schwartz taught French and Latin at Central and had been part of the faculty for 42 years. The staff of ’60 wished the best to these two in their retirement.