Every Litter Bit Hurts: Coach Shurette’s Fifth Period Beautifies Central’s Campus

EVERY LITTLE BIT HURTS: COACH SHURETTE'S FIFTH PERIOD BEAUTIFIES CENTRAL'S CAMPUS -- Shurette's fifth period gym class is showing off their campus cleanup efforts proudly.

Morgan Snyder

EVERY LITTLE BIT HURTS: COACH SHURETTE’S FIFTH PERIOD BEAUTIFIES CENTRAL’S CAMPUS — Shurette’s fifth period gym class is showing off their campus cleanup efforts proudly.

Morgan Snyder, Columnist

If you have ever walked through Central High’s parking lots, you have most likely seen how much garbage people leave on the ground. Whether it is after sports events, after a pep rally, or even after a regular school day; litter piles up in our beautiful agora, our lawns and everywhere in between.

Near the first week of September, Coach LeeAnne Shurette’s fifth period gym class decided to go on a leisurely walk outside around campus for exercise. This class is unique; there are only eight students in fifth period gym with Shurette. I am grateful to be a student in this particular class, as I am always surrounded by positive energy and feelings of openness and security.

As our class was walking, we became aware of how much trash was on our campus, and how degrading it is to our school’s image. It was a unanimous decision to clean it up ourselves, and we have since made it a tradition to go out every Monday to beautify Central High.

“It says a lot about their character. I don’t even have to tell them to go out and clean, they want to themselves. Even if it’s 95 degrees outside and they will sweat, they’ll pick up trash. You can feel the sense of pride that they have in our school, and how they want it to look in the eyes of community members. It sets a good example for the two freshmen classes that share the gym with us during fifth period,” said Shurette.

“It teaches younger students that you have to serve before you can lead,” added Coach Gary Bloodsaw.

Our efforts have grown larger and we now have huge trash bags, provided by our awesome Custodian Mr. Richard Owens, and gloves brought in by DaVoneka Stoudemire, a senior in the class.

“I think we’re very independent and mature as a group,” said Junior Lexie Woodall.

In the past month, we have cleaned up over 75 pounds of garbage, and have discovered some gnarly litter. Among the items we have thrown away are: a wine cooler, a sack used to store marijuana, beer cans, a dirty diaper, used underwear, and an especially stinky McDonald’s bag that uncannily smelled like raisins.

“It’s ridiculous how much trash can accumulate in one week,” said Stoudemire.

We plan to continue our Monday cleaning tradition, but encourage all of Central’s students, staff members, and visitors to remember to clean up after themselves.