Looking Back: The Class of 1942 Seniors Present a Fun-Filled Rom-Com, “Wooden Slipper”


Preservation of Chattanooga Central History

LOOKING BACK: THE CLASS OF 1942 SENIORS PRESENT A FUN-FILLED ROM-COM, “WOODEN SLIPPER” — Pictured above is the senior cast of “Wooden Slipper.”

Blake Catlett, Assistant Editor

Central Plans to Fete Parents

November 1941

On November 12, Central held its annual celebration of Parents’ Day, which was a part of American Education Week. The theme for the week was “Education for a Strong America.” This was Central’s tenth celebration of Parents’ Day, and they made sure it was outstanding. On the day of the celebration, sponsors of the event were presented on Frawley Field. After the recognition, the sponsors, members of Central’s JROTC, and parents were served lunch in the school cafeteria. Later in the afternoon, a special program was given in the auditorium to finish the day.

Seniors to Give Play on December 12

December 1941

“Wooden Slipper,” the senior play for the Class of 1942, was presented on December 12. This was the first major performance at Central for that year. “Wooden Slipper” is a romantic comedy that takes place over three acts. The play was directed by Miss Betty Mae Collins. “Wooden Slipper” is centered around the daughter of a famous theatre family from Budapest, Julie Zigurny, who was played by Mary Frances Gross. In the play, Zigurny travels to Paris to study for a career in theatre, but instead falls in love. She returns to Budapest to announce her engagement to Andre, played by Ed Wilcoxson. Andre’s past lover, Antoinette, played by Doris Hyer, had just left him, leaving him open to a quick engagement with Zigurny. These three were supported by a strong cast composed of 16 seniors. In the end, the cast and production crew put on an amazing show.

Foster Speaks on Freedom of Press

December 1941

W. G. Foster, an editor of the News-Free Press, was a guest speaker at the Boys’ Senior Hi-Y chapel program on November 18. Foster’s main topic was “Freedom of Press.” He shared that many people think that there is a difference between a true story and a newspaper story. However, the Digest was quick to defend the American newspaper industry. The author of the story noted that stories are printed how they are, no fabrication or additions involved. The author also included that newspapers give truth to the common people and that they stand for all.

Col. McMillan Discusses His Stay in Pearl Harbor with U.S. Army

January 1942

Colonel D. M McMillan was stationed at Pearl Harbor at the Scofield barracks from 1933 to 1935. He paid a visit to Central to share some experiences while stationed there. McMillan, who was a Captain at the time, recalled his time on the island of Oahu. He shared that the climate there was very enjoyable, with perfect temperatures year-round. McMillan also included that military resources were near a peacetime high. The station was strong in artillery, but they could not have prepared for the attacks that came in 1941.

15 Students to Attend UT’s High School Day

April 1942

On April 11, fifteen Central students traveled to the University of Tennessee in Knoxville for UT’s High School Day. High School Day is a day where high school students from across the state visit UT’s campus to become acquainted with their future school. Several contests between students were also held, including sports events and speaking competitions. Several Central students entered in both types of contests. The staff of the Central Digest was represented at the event by Editors Jeanne Leavitt and Pete Llewellyn, Herschel Nation, and Robert Walker.

Many aspects of Central High School’s history, including past copies of the Central Digest can be found at the Preservation of Chattanooga Central website.