Angie Hentz Joins Central Family as Advanced Studies Teacher


Luke Keown


Luke Keown, Staff Writer

After the departure of Laura Costello, Central’s former Advanced Studies teacher, Angie Hentz has filled the position and will be heading the department this year. Hentz is entering her 23rd year of teaching and she is more than excited to begin her tenure at Central High.

“She brings conversation and new opportunities to her students,” Sophomore Makayla Paris shared. “Mrs. Hentz brings so much joy… she helps create a more accepting environment where students are able to learn and grow.”

Hentz, who spent most of her childhood in North Georgia, continued her studies at Mississippi College after graduating from high school. Hentz completed the undergraduate program there. After that, she attended Tennessee Tech and earned her Master’s degree in Instructional Leadership.

Hentz has taught at several schools over the years; most recently, she was the Advanced Studies teacher at Wallace A. Smith Elementary School and Hunter Middle School. This school year, she will be on a rotation between Daisy Elementary, Sale Creek High School and Central High.

Hentz is entering her fifth year in Hamilton County. She has big plans for the students, including applying concepts that will drastically improve the student’s learning.

“This year, I plan on taking virtual college tours… and exploring student generated concepts which are beneficial and interesting to the students,” Hentz expressed.

Due to the state recently changing the qualifications for enrollment into the program, gifted students not being accepted by their peers, and due to an increasing workload for high school students, the amount of gifted students at Central is declining. Hentz is looking to solve this problem by rejuvenating the program by providing a fun, educational experience for her students.

“I am honored to be at Central High this year, the students, faculty and staff have been outstanding. I know it is going to be a great year,” Hentz stated.

Outside of school Hentz loves spending time with her husband, children, and their yellow Labrador. Her hobbies include working out, cooking, and listening to different types of music. She has interest in the moon and space travel; she hopes to share her passion with her students throughout the school year.

Hentz loves the atmosphere at Central. She is excited for the opportunity to lead the Advanced Studies class.