Korey Chambers Starts His Career Teaching Bible History


Karleigh Schwarzl

WELCOME TO CENTRAL, MR. CHAMBERS — Korey Chambers seen standing outside his new area of work, Portable Three.

Bailey Moore, Staff Writer

Korey Chambers has joined the Central staff as a New Testament Bible History teacher in Portable Three. This will be Chambers’s first year teaching. He was inspired by many of his close friends, who are long time educators, to pursue a career in teaching. His favorite thing about teaching is when an instructor shows appreciation for their efforts, but he is not fond of the newly added Zoom calls to his newly chosen career.

“As someone who was very recently a student, and is now a teacher, I’ve learned that teachers really do know what students are doing when the teachers not looking,” Chambers stated when asked what he has learned from his first year of teaching.

Chambers earned a business degree from Toccoa Falls College, minoring in biblical studies. He also earned a master’s in teaching with a focus in social studies from Liberty University Online. Chambers decided to teach bible history because his some of his favorite classes were in the subject.

“Virtual learning is how I earned my masters degree and it is very practical in this day especially in the current climate that we are in. I also think virtual learning provides another type of differentiated learning for those students that learn differently or do better learning at their own pace,” shared Chambers.

Chambers aims to make learning enjoyable for his students, and he wants to make connections with them.

“I like a lot of things about Mr. Chambers, [and] he’s a super cool teacher…he makes class super fun with a lot of games we play in there. He doesn’t just sit back in class; he tries to get to know all of us better everyday,” shared Sophomore Jackson Ellison.

Chambers is an amazing addition to the Central staff. Already, his students enjoy his class, and that enjoyment is sure to grow over the length of this year and the ones beyond.