Central Alumnus D’Andre Anderson (2017) is Running for Chattanooga City Council

FELLOW CENTRAL ALUMNUS IS RUNNING FOR CHATTANOOGA CITY COUNCIL -- DAndre Anderson is running for District 8 City Council.

Courtesy of D'Andre Anderson

FELLOW CENTRAL ALUMNUS IS RUNNING FOR CHATTANOOGA CITY COUNCIL — D’Andre Anderson is running for District 8 City Council.

Zoey Greene, Staff Writer

D’Andre Anderson graduated from Central with the class of 2017. For the past four years, he has been advocating for more student rights and greater environments for not only Chattanooga schools but for homes and the city as well. Anderson is running for Chattanooga City Council. Early elections are taking place until February 25.

“I decided to run in this race after the significant events that have taken place this year. After we experienced a declared global pandemic, a disastrous tornado, and a movement for Black Lives Matter, I have decided to step up and run for City Council. I want to work on bringing together the people of District Eight. I will make sure their voices are being heard, and I will make sure to represent my district as a whole. I will be the representative that will be able to work with others for a change. It is not a time for more division, but instead, more unity,” declared Anderson.

While at Central, D’Andre Anderson was active in the class office and many extracurricular activities. He advocated for the new track and set many landmarks around the school. Being class president opened the way for him to attend the Superintendent Advisory Council. He soon became president of the organization as well. As an alumni of Central, he reflects on his time being very influential. From the integrity learned in JROTC, to the opportunities in leadership, his life did a complete turnaround.

“D’Andre always loved Central – both for what it already was and what it could be. He can’t help but enhance anything he is a part of. He embraced leadership positions, served as a role model, worked hard for things that mattered to our student body, tuned into his teachers, and looked out for us when it seemed we were having a rough time…While he was in school he made it a lovelier place for everyone he encountered, teachers and students alike. I believe we are all better for having known him,” stated Central’s former Theater and English teacher Sally White.

Anderson is basing his entire campaign on unity and putting people over the politics. This is not a political-based campaign, rather a campaign based on creating one unified people. He has always dreamed of being the voice that people remember; now it is evident that he is one.

If elected, Anderson plans to “fight for equitable housing, work on the economic development amidst the pandemic, and create sustainable neighborhoods by having open and honest conversations with the Chattanooga Police Department.”

District Eight will be stronger together, and candidate Anderson can clearly see that. Central paved way for most of his progress today, and today he is paving way for the reputation of Central to grow. Election day is March 2, and it is very important that the voices of District Eight are heard.

“We have seen how fragile our democracy can be. Do not take this right for granted. Get yourself informed – then go vote. We can all disagree about who is best for the job, that is part of the process. No matter what, we must participate in – and protect – the process,” addressed White.

D’Andre Anderson is hopeful and very set on addressing the concerns of others within the district. A vote for him is not only a vote for Central but a vote for people and not politics, a vote for unity, not for discouragement. District Eight needs a leader who is recently active in schools and a major part of the community. Anderson makes Central proud to call him an alumnus.

For more information on D’Andre Anderson’s campaign, visit his website: People Over Politics. Don’t forget to vote!