Central Welcomes Grace Baehr, New Exceptional Education Teacher


Landon Cook, Staff Writer

There has been an influx of new teachers at Central High School this year. One of the newest additions to the Central High School staff is Mrs. Grace Baehr, one of several new Exceptional Education teachers. Baehr is coming into her career at Central High School with a desire to help students achieve their goals and progress in their futures. She is among the many teachers here who pledge to do their very best to help each and every student who steps foot into the building.

Baehr has taught before at various schools, adding Central as another destination along her teaching journey. Her first impressions of the school include an amazing combination of students with different backgrounds, stories, and strengths.

“I appreciate the school culture. I want to be of assistance to students and help them reach their goals,” Baehr said in hopes to make lasting impressions.

Baehr also hopes to achieve some type of normality coming into this year. With COVID and the many setbacks over the past couple of years, it is very easy to understand why that is one of her biggest goals for this upcoming school year.  

“I look forward to accomplishing a steady rhythm for this school year,” stated Baehr, “transitioning back into school since we have been in a limbo state for the past couple of years.” 

Outside of school, Mrs. Baehr enjoys spending as much time as she can with her family. What may be an even bigger feat for her than this upcoming school year is raising her recently born baby boy. 

“My husband and I recently welcomed a baby boy so our family is navigating the change which is fun and exciting!” vocalized Baehr with excitement. 

As the school year begins, Baehr hopes for a promising first year. She looks forward to Central High School being filled with plenty of teaching and learning opportunities for herself, as well as any students in need. Central welcomes you to the family Mrs. Baehr!