Central Welcomes Rachel Hill as Exceptional Education Teacher


Sarah Katheron Latham

CENTRAL WELCOMES RACHEL HILL AS EXCEPTIONAL EDUCATION TEACHER — Rachel Hill is engaging her students by acting out what is on the board.

Breanna Long, Staff Writer

There have been several new teachers welcomed here at Central in the past year. Among those teachers is Rachel Hill, who is new to Central as an Exceptional Education teacher. This is her first year teaching here and hopefully the first of several happy years.

She explained that her passion for working with people with special needs started early in her life.

“I grew up with people with varying disabilities, so it was just something I’ve done my whole life,” Hill stated.

She came to Central with plans to give her students as much independence as possible and to lead them to the most successful path for their future.

Hill first moved to Tennessee seventeen years ago.  In her free time, she and her daughter enjoy going down to Six Flags, the Aquarium, and the Zoo.

As an Exceptional Education teacher, Hill stated that her personal teaching philosophy is to help inspire her students and give them self-confidence in their daily life. She believes that this is a key part of education and something that has helped her as well.

“If you don’t have [self-confidence], and you don’t feel like you can do it, then you’re not going to want to pursue anything, you’re just going to want to sit down and do nothing,” said Hill.

She believes that although her students may look different, they should never feel like they are any different than anyone else. That is her goal as a teacher here at Central.

Hill is an amazing addition to the faculty here at Central, and she is welcomed with open arms to the community. She hopes to have a long, happy future here.