Carms Corner: The Brighter Side

Carmen Breitenbach, Columnist

We can all agree that the pandemic has made life anything but normal. From school, to work, and any other events we have going on in our lives. What was once just two weeks off from school towards the end of my sophomore year, is now a new normal in my senior year. 

If we’re all being honest with ourselves, we thought all the pandemic shenanigans would have ended by now, but alas here they still are for us to face. The masks, the one way in the school hallways, the seating charts to ensure everyone is at a safe distance, and the general feeling of things not being how they used to be. Despite there being many downsides to going to school during a pandemic, I feel it’s important to be reminded of the highlights and the things we wouldn’t have experienced if it weren’t for the pandemic. I, personally, find joy in not having to do zoom school anymore, boy was that a mess. 

“The most memorable moments from school during a pandemic are the little benefits we get like jeans day. Also, the people make the environment fun and enjoyable.” explains Junior Sydney Woodward when asked what her highlights from school were despite the pandemic. 

Another student Kion Jones, who is a Senior this year, also expresses what he thought were memorable moments from school despite there being a pandemic. “I could feel myself maturing as a young man and prioritizing my time to make sure I got everything done. The one-on-one time I got with the teachers to make sure I understood what was being taught was really memorable to me.” he says. 

Although everyone has experienced bumps in the road and has had obstacles to climb while trying to navigate learning, and teaching, in a pandemic it’s good to note the brighter side of things. You might not have experienced some things or grown if it weren’t for the challenges thrown at you during this time. I know for me personally the pandemic has shown me what I can handle and has made me very thankful for the grace and patience my teachers have had with me. I look forward to seeing what great things will come from us because of this crazy journey.