Jon Massey Joins Central Staff as Exceptional Education Teacher


Kendra Jones, Staff Writer

As the 2021-2022 school year begins, Central is welcoming several new teachers to the building. Among those is John Massey, an exceptional education teacher and Central Softball coach.

Massey is not new to the Chattanooga area, teaching, or coaching. Before he came to Central, he taught at Ooltewah High School for 18 years, as well as one year at Silverdale Baptist Academy and one year at Bradley Central High School. In addition to his many years of teaching, Massey coached football for 13 years, baseball for 8 years, and softball for 5 years. 

Massey was born in Jackson, Tennessee, but moved to Chattanooga when he was young. He then graduated from Ooltewah High school and continued his education at University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. After receiving his masters degree from Lee University, Massey became an exceptional education teacher.

“I am excited to see how we progress from day one till the end of the year,” Massey explained, referring to his students and the athletes he is coaching.

Massey spends most of his time assisting students in their classes. One teacher in particular that works alongside Massey is Geometry Teacher Casey McGrath.

“Mr. Massey has been a great addition to Central and to my classroom. He cares about students and makes sure to check in with them, both personally and about their academics. He is always willing to help me and help students in any way that he can,” McGrath stated as she explained that she was looking forward to working with him throughout this school year.

From teacher and student responses, it is clear that Massey is a wonderful new addition to the Central High School administration.