Alumni Spotlight: Walt Braley (’13) Continues His Career in Communication Years After High School


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WALT BRALEY (’13) CONTINUES HIS CAREER IN COMMUNICATION YEARS AFTER HIGH SCHOOL — Walt Braley is excited with his career and what’s to come.

Logan Stegmaier, Videographer

It has been several of years since Central Alumnus and previous Homecoming King Walt Braley graduated from Central High School. In that time, Braley accomplished much. Similar to many other students, Central High School has helped Walt Braley become the person he is today by preparing him for life after high school.

During Braley’s years at Central (2009-2013), he became involved with many activities and sports. He was involved in activities such as theater, journalism (serving as video editor), and the film club. In addition, he spent time playing Football and Tennis.

“Those first three extracurriculars helped me find and hone my interests. I picked my college majors because of them” Braley explained.

Braley accomplished much at Central.  Some of his memories include winning a tennis tournament, doing the class poem for the 2013 senior class, becoming Homecoming King, and playing as a watermelon in a play. (Who would’ve seen that one coming?)

“All of these, however, pale in comparison to meeting my future wife. I struck up a friendship with a super cool classmate my freshman year at Central, that friendship became a romantic relationship, and now that person is marrying me pretty soon.” He went on, “I am happy to report that she is still super cool and I am beyond lucky to get to spend my life with her.”

His fiancé, Skyler Allred, now pursues a career as a third-grade teacher.

After graduating from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, Braley worked in television producing true-crime documentary shows such as “Snapped”. Eventually, he freelanced writing film scripts after working with television productions. Now, he lives in Chicago, IL, and works for a publishing company that helps push books toward the market, and, as a result, he is content with how things are.

Braley wanted to share the importance of understanding that following graduation or after college, careers can be unpredictable and ever-changing.

“All I wanted when I was in high school was to work in TV or movies, and I hated it for about a year when I got to do it professionally…My warehouse position directly led me to my current job even though I didn’t know it was while I was in it,” Braley clarified.

Forever a Purple Pounder, Braley continues to live his life with the guidance and values that Central instilled in him.