Alumni Spotlight: Josh Sizemore (’18) Marches on with Pride of the Southland Marching Band


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MacKenzie Farner, Staff Writer

Central class of 2018 graduate Josh Sizemore reflects on his time at Central, the activities he was involved in, his accomplishments during his time at Central, and his steady transition into college life after high school.

Josh Sizemore was a member of the concert, jazz, and marching band, the Beta Club, and the National Honors Society. He was secretary for the senior class of 2018 and was featured on the Homecoming and Mr. Central courts.  While participating in the many bands here at Central, Sizemore was introduced to his most memorable teacher, Band Director Josh Bloodworth, who inspired him to become a music educator, work harder at practice, and come out of his shell more often.

“He was tough, but at the end of the day, he cared about us and wanted us to have fun and be better players. Without him I wouldn’t be a music major or where I am right now,” expressed Sizemore.

Today, Sizemore’s participation in the various band’s here at Central has followed him through his college career at the University of Tennessee where he continues to play the saxophone. He is also a participant in the Pride of the Southland band where he marches in front of crowds of over one hundred thousand spectators at Neyland Stadium. Along with marching in Neyland Stadium, Sizemore has also performed in various impressive places like the Chicago Museum of Science and Disney World with the Central Band, and Massachusetts with the Lady Vols Basketball Pep Band.

Along with marching with the Pride of the Southland, Sizemore is also studying to become a band director. Sizemore is projected to graduate in 2023 after his student teaching semester. After graduation Sizemore plans to find a somewhat local high school or middle school to start his teaching career.

“I was first inspired to be a teacher by my wonderful high school teachers that really made me want to be a teacher and help children. Then, after being in band for a few years in middle and high school, I quickly fell in love with the saxophone and music and decided I wanted to be a band director,” commented Sizemore.

Being in the Pride and an active music major is a very time consuming lifestyle. It is very difficult, but Sizemore says he doesn’t regret any of it and that he has met some of his closest friends and colleagues through the band and being a music major. School has proven more challenging, and a social life is even harder to maintain but will always be worth it to him.

Along with being an active member of the Pride of the Southland band, Josh also works to maintain a normal college life. Although ensembles and saxophone are a major part of his life, he tries to avoid burning out and works to give himself mental health days and to understand his limits.