Scott Phillips Has Been in History Dept. at Central for 27 Years

Veteran Educator Isn’t Coaching for the First-time Ever


MacKenzie Farner

SCOTT PHILLIPS HAS BEEN IN HISTORY DEPT. AT CENTRAL FOR 27 YEARS — Mr.Phillips has been a member of the history teaching staff for 27 years.

Justin Ramirez, Staff Writer

Central has always had a variety of different characters inside it’s walls. From students to teachers, everyone has something that sets them apart from everyone else. In the case of Mr. Scott Phillips, an Economics and Government teacher, it is his time spent here at Central.

Phillips graduated from East Ridge High School, and attended the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. He is married to his wife, who is from Germany, has three kids and one grandson. As of the 2021-2022 school year, Phillips is currently in his 30th year of teaching. He spent 3 years as a teacher/counselor for the State of Tennessee at Moccasin Bend counseling 15-18 year-old males who were in state custody. 

”Many of the philosophies I employ in my classroom I learned during these first three years of being a teacher/counselor,” he explained. 

He has since spent 27 years teaching here at Central, having started in 1995. During his time spent here, Phillips has taught a variety of subjects including Economics, Government, U.S. History, World History, World Geography, Sociology, and Psychology.

In addition to his impressive teaching, Phillips has also coached a variety of sports. These sports include basketball, soccer, softball, baseball, cross country, football, and tennis. However, this year will mark a first for Phillips. 

“I am not coaching anything this year. It is the first year that I have not coached anything in my 27 years. I am not coaching because my youngest daughter plays high school basketball and soccer and I wanted to be able to watch her play.” explained Phillips,”I really enjoyed my coaching career here. I have coached with some really good coaches and coached some really good students.”

Phillips has enjoyed the years spent at Central as well as the relationships he has built in this community over that time. Seeing as he has spent so many years here and curious as to whether he would continue to teach, the Digest asked Phillips if he plans to continue teaching for much longer. 

I will always teach. It is a part of who I am.

— Mr. Scott Phillips, History Dept.