Student Teacher Spotlight: Aspiring Music Teacher Madelyn Wright Helping Latham’s Classes


Dariah Bradley, Staff Writer

This semester, there is a new face to the Music Department at Chattanooga Central High School. Ms. Madelyn Wright is a new student teacher from Lee University where she has been a student since 2019.

“I have always had a deep love for teaching,” explained Wright, adding that from a young age, she knew that she wanted to be a teacher. She is working with Mrs. Katheron Latham, choir director.

For Wright, music is a subject unlike any other that is offered.

“Music is good for everybody and that it also helps improves test scores,” Ms. Wright shared.

Wright’s goal as a student teacher this semester is to pass her course for student teaching while earning her bachelor’s degree in May.

“I love to have a very ‘student-centered’ classroom so everyone remains engaged,” she began. “My hopes are for each student to discover new concepts by digging deeper into the classroom material.”

The road to becoming a teacher has been supported by many people in Wright’s life all along the way.

“Several mentors in my life, and Lee University has helped me a lot throughout this process while also encouraging me to do better this semester,” she explained.

Five years from now, Wright sees herself teaching in a school setting while possibly earning her master’s degree.

“She’s very nice and caring,” said Allani Richardson, a sophomore in 5th block’s History of Rock and Roll class.