Alumni Bricks: Memories Made of Stone


ALUMNI BRICKS: MEMORIES MADE OF STONE– The Central Alumni Association is continuing their alumni brick fundraiser event.

Kaitlyn Morales, Staff Writer

Central High School is lucky to have a strong network of alumni dedicated to making our school the best. That network is the Chattanooga Central Alumni and Supporters Association (CCASA). One of the many fundraisers the CCASA does to help improve our school is the Alumni Brick program. This program allows you to purchase an engraved brick that will be on display at our school forever. Bricks repair our school, fund scholarships, fund school programs, and honor your time spent here.

Sixty bricks are planned to be installed over the summer be installed near the front entrance. To start, they will fill up the broken areas around the school campus and then work in other areas. Many areas need more than 60 bricks to fill them up. To counter this, blank bricks will be used as placeholders until more engraved bricks are ordered and then installed.

“There is a [damaged] concrete area that we think would be an ideal place to begin,” according to CCASA President Buffy Hoge.

One thing schools need the most of is money. It’s expensive to run a building, have various programs, and offer dozens of scholarships. The CCASA is continuing its fundraiser this year to help fund our school and programs. CHS Alumni can buy a brick to be engraved and it will be displayed here as a miniature monument to their time spent here.

The money raised goes to various school-related needs. It will be used to fund additional scholarships awarded to seniors. There are always financial needs not covered by most scholarships, so the CCASA wants to assist with those costs. It also helps fund course-specific costs. For example, uniforms and equipment for sports, art supplies, and more. The money also goes to school programs that don’t get as much funding, like the fine arts. 

Buy a brick with your name on it, a pet, a family member, a quote, or anything you’d like to dedicate a lasting reminder to. Each brick allows for multiple lines, so you can honor many things on just one brick. Or if you run out of room, buying more than one brick is more than welcome! 

“Your proceeds will ensure all of our nearly 2 dozen scholarships are funded for generations and help Central be the best school in the area,” according to the CCASA website, “We are encouraging Central alumni, supporters, and friends to purchase a brick to commemorate yourself, a loved one, or a favorite memory that will be enshrined as a permanent part of Central High School.”

This fundraiser is perpetual so there will be no deadline to purchase a brick. Schools always need money and this is an excellent way to support ours. If you would like to order a brick, please visit here. For other programs, the CCASA offers, go here.