Central Welcomes New Bible Teacher Mr. Campbell


MacKenzie Farner

CENTRAL WELCOMES NEW BIBLE TEACHER MR.CAMPBELL — New Bible teacher, Kraig Campbell, working at his computer.

Melina Barros, Staff Writer

With the new school year upon us, Central High welcomes many new students, teachers, and staff.  This year  Central High welcomes a new Bible teacher, Kraig Campbell. Campbell has been teaching for 25 years and loves every second of it. Campbell received his bachelors degree from Freed-Hardmen University and his masters degree from Tennessee Tech. This year is a huge transition for Campbell as he has transitioned from teaching art classes to now Bible History classes.   

Campbell shared, “The difference in teaching art to a class like Bible History is mainly how the Bible History classes are more structured. Art is a great class for students to express themselves. Bible is a great class to learn the importance of art and literature throughout history. I am excited to incorporate my art background within the Bible History classes here at Central High School.”

 Not only is Campbell an academic teacher, but he is also Central High’s new assistant football coach. Campbell has been a coach for many sports from girls basketball, to boys soccer. Sports is a large part of Campbell’s life, and something he very much enjoys. With his new assistance to the football team, Central has high hopes of playing well this year.

“I look forward to a good football season as a coach and building a good relationship with the kids in the classroom,” states Campbell.

With many years of experience comes many schools. Campbell’s first teaching experience began in the year 1995 at Tyner Academy.  Campbell since then has taught at many schools during his career. Ever since Campbell was younger, he knew teaching was his passion. Campbell enjoys connecting with students, and helping them grow in their knowledge of any subject.

 “I always knew I wanted to be a teacher and a coach,” Campbell expressed, “I love teaching high school students.”

Outside of school Campbell has many hobbies. This list includes Tennessee football, golf, spending time with his family, and traveling. Campbell is extremely happy to be joining Central for this 2022-2023 school year, and has high hopes for the football season. As this school year starts to see many new faces, Central is very excited to learn from new staff and teachers.