Mr. Justin Osterberg: Teacher by Day, Artist by Night


Meryl Turner

TEACHER BY DAY, ARTIST BY NIGHT — Mr. Osterberg working inside his new classroom.

Meryl Turner, Columnist

Those at Central High School are overjoyed to have welcomed Justin Osterberg into the school’s faculty. The majority of Osterberg’s day is spent teaching World History and Geography to freshmen. He also teaches Economics to seniors for one period during his day. In his free time, Osterberg expresses his creative side by making art such as murals. His favorite mediums are pen, ink, acrylic, and oils.

Osterberg was born in Alaska and attended Arrowhead Christian Academy in California for high school.  Growing up in a household with both parents as teachers, it didn’t take him long to realize that he had a passion for teaching others.

“I ran a church youth group before I got into teaching so I knew that I liked working with teenagers,” Osterberg informed The Digest.

Pursing his dreams, he then attended the University of California Riverside. Osterberg received a bachelor’s degree majoring in history and minoring in philosophy. Later on, he returned to college and earned his master’s degree in Educational technology. Central High School is now the fourth school that Osterberg has taught at.

“My favorite thing as a teacher is to see the ‘light bulb’ go off for a student. [For them] to come to me not understanding a concept, and then having that moment where they get it. It’s awesome!” Osterberg raves.

His goal for this year as a teacher is to find and implement new, engaging ways to teach the lessons. He also wants to make an effort to get to know each one of his students personally.

“He’s a good teacher,” ninth grader, Alexis Hartley stated. “He tries to relate to the class, and [does] his best to be on their good side.”