Concussions Are A Worry At Central High School

CONCUSSION ARE A WORRY AT CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL -- Centrals football team running in at the start of a football game.

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CONCUSSION ARE A WORRY AT CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL — Central’s football team running in at the start of a football game.

Jailon Jackson, Staff Writer

Football is one of the most dangerous sports to play. There are a lot of things that can happen during a football game or even practice. Injuries are a major issue in this sport and can ruin a player’s career. If a player is dedicated to that sport that would be bad for that person and his career.

If a player gets a concussion during the game and other people want to know, the only people that can really know is the parents and family. If a teacher, student, or a coach tells another person’s injury, then it would be a violation of  a student medical history and privacy.

If a player receives a concussion while playing, the player is required to not participate in the sport for a certain amount of time in order to heal.

According to the TSSAA ( The Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association), rule number 2 states, “For a student athlete to return to play procedures, typically it’s a 5 day return to play once the student stops experiencing symptoms.”

After the five days have been completed, the student can return to practice and all activities that aren’t too physical. A student athlete is allowed to lightly run and gradually increase the longevity and intensity of said running as he returns.

Barry Wilner stated, “Many football players receive injuries that you wouldn’t think happen in football.”

As Central’s football team strides forward with their wins, concussions are a major concern. When doing any physical acitivity, no matter how small the chance of a concussion is, be sure to take precautions to prevent injuries.