Central Girls’ Soccer Team Plays Hard Against Howard During Their First Home Game


Jack Graham

CENTRAL’S LADY POUNDERS PLAY HARD AGAINST HOWARD DURING THEIR FIRST HOME GAME — Sophomore Janetth Colunga works hard to maneuver the ball away from an opponent.

Jack Graham, Videographer

The soccer season has begun again this year for the girls’ team, and the Lady Pounders are already off to a good start. Their first home game took place Thursday, October 22, against Howard High School, and the team played hard. With the sweltering heat looming in the air, they finished the day with a hard fought three point tie for both sides.

A few of the students representing Central included sophomores Janetth Colunga and Karleigh Schwarzl, as well as Senior Cassandra Castillo.

“We were actually down 0-2 at the half, and then we really turned things around in the second half by scoring two goals. Our last goal [was made] only minutes before the game ended,” stated Allie Shultz, one of the team’s coaches.

Even when one is not off to a good start, one can oftentimes change the outcome if they try. The team persevered and was able to turn the game around, turning a potential loss into a tie against Howard.

For the team to win a game they must work together. However, at every match, there are players who particularly stand out for their hard work. Goalkeeper Kassy Griffith stole the show at this game.

“I think the person that played the hardest was Kassy Griffith, our goalkeeper. She was injured right before the second half but still pushed through the game and continued to play her hardest,” stated Coach Shultz.

The team works very diligently every day to prepare for their games. The players put their skills to the test during practice to improve themselves, even practicing at home.

“I always drink water throughout the day, get enough sleep the night before, and eat well throughout the day to be ready for the game,” revealed Colunga.

It may only be the beginning of the season, but Central’s students have faith that the girls’ soccer team will represent their school exceptionally well, racking up victories as the season progresses.