Central Football Loses in Week Two Against Tyner Academy

CENTRAL LOSES IN WEEK TWO AGAINST TYNER ACADEMY --  Freshman Evan Schwarzl in the pocket protected by junior Mike Watson.

Luke Keown

CENTRAL LOSES IN WEEK TWO AGAINST TYNER ACADEMY — Freshman Evan Schwarzl in the pocket protected by junior Mike Watson.

Karleigh Schwarzl, Sports Editor

In the second week of Friday night lights, the Central High football team played against Tyner Academy. In the 2019 season, this game had resulted in a 67-10 loss for the Pounders. In last years game, the team was very young and inexperienced. Most of the team had not played a varsity game other than the one other game in the season. This year, the boys were ready to play.

“We’ve made tremendous strides as a team. I feel like we’re one or two big plays away from breaking things loose. I am really proud of how hard the team is working,” stated Coach Curt Jones.

To start the game team, Captain and Senior Kenny Shadden advanced towards the center of the field. In return, Central won the coin toss to receive the ball. Junior Issaiah Rogers received the ball to the take it to the 31st yard line. In the first drive, the Pounders began to pick up momentum, but they fumbled the ball with a Rams recovery. In result of the recovery, Tyner scored a touchdown and an extra point.

Several possessions later, the Rams were on the 20 yard line. Where the defense held them to 4 downs, which resulted to a Central first down. The Rams got the ball back, but were forced to punt on the fourth down. The punt was blocked and caught by Issaiah Rodgers resulting in a touchdown for the Pounders. Central then kicked the ball to Tyner, and the Rams returned it for a touchdown. The Pounders continued to fight through the quarter, and the first quarter ended with a score of 6-14, with Tyner in the lead.

The second quarter commenced, and Central had possession starting on the 20 yard line. The Pounders continued to push, but they were shut down by the Rams’ defense. After a long drive, Tyner scored another touchdown and extra point. Later in the quarter, the Rams muffed a punt, and it was recovered by Junior Noah Collins. He ran for a touchdown, but it unfortunately called back. Although the Pounders sustained control starting on the 25 yard line, one play in the buzzer rang, signalling the end of the half at 6-21, Tyner.

The third quarter started with the ball in the Rams’ possession. The Rams relentlessly drove down the field, gaining more and more yardage and scored another touchdown. After a short possession, Central punted the ball downfield, and after another long drive, Tyner had scored again.

Tyner then kicked the ball down field, where Noah Collins was set to return the ball, but he fumbled along the way, and the ball was recovered by the Rams. Tyner’s quarterback sat in the pocket and threw the ball, and Sophomore Kyree Steward intercepted the ball at the seven yard line. Central’s offense stepped in and kept pushing forward. Freshman Evan Schwarzl dropped back to throw an 28 yard pass to Junior Michael Watson. The Pounders continued forward, and the third quarter ended with a score of 6-35.

The fourth quarter started with the Pounders on the 12 yard line. After a few plays with little success, Schwarzl threw a pass to Junior Tyi Mosely. This play got the Pounders into a great scoring position. Shortly after, Michael Watson ran the ball into the end zone making the score 12-35.

In the first play of the next series, the Rams ran the ball for a touchdown and scored the extra point. The Pounders continued pushing, but offensively, they fell short. The Rams got the ball back, but the Pounders were able to get it back quickly.

The Pounders continued to drive forward, yard by yard. With the end zone in near sight, Schwarzl rolled out of the pocket and threw the ball up to Collins in the end zone, resulting in a Pounders touchdown. This play ended the game with Central scoring 18 points and Tyner scoring 42.

“As we progress in the season I am looking forward to growing as a family. We need to make sure that everyone knows what Central football is about,” stated Schwarzl.

Come out and support the Pounders in week three under the stadium lights. Central will be playing Sequoyah High School. This event will be held at Chattanooga Central High School at 7:30.

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