The Pounders Lose Their Homecoming Game Against Howard

CENTRAL FOOTBALL LOSES AN IMPORTANT GAME TO HOWARD -- Freshman Quarterback Evan Schwarzl sits back in the pocket preparing to throw.

Karleigh Schwarzl

CENTRAL FOOTBALL LOSES AN IMPORTANT GAME TO HOWARD — Freshman Quarterback Evan Schwarzl sits back in the pocket preparing to throw.

Karleigh Schwarzl, Sports Editor

On Friday, October 2, the Central football team played Howard at home. This was the homecoming game for the Pounders, as the final home games were approaching. As the game approached kickoff, there was a strong confidence present in the team; they came out ready to play.

“We were very confident, especially because it was a region game. We wanted to show up and show what Pounder Football is all about, ” stated Freshman Quarterback Evan Schwarzl.

As the game began, Junior Demetrio Dominguez, the team captain for the night, approached the center of the field. The coin toss decided that Central would receive the ball. The first drive started on the 25 yard line. The Pounders would push downfield by running the ball in a series of plays. A influential play from Junior Michael Watson created a gain of 20 yards for the Pounders. After a long drive down the field, Evan Schwarzl would run the ball into the end zone for the Pounder’s first score of the night. With a missed extra point, the score started out 6-0, Central. On the next drive, the Pounders’ defense would hold the Hustlin’ Tigers, making them punt the ball. Sophomore Kyree Steward returned the punt, gaining 11 yards. As the ball moved back and forth on the field, the Pounders pushed through with a 20 yard touchdown pass, caught by Watson. Central set up for a two point conversion. Schwarzl threw a pass to Junior Slot Receiver Issaiah Rogers, where he jumped up and caught the ball in the end zone. The score was now 14-0 and remained so for the rest of the quarter.

CENTRAL FOOTBALL LOSES AN IMPORTANT GAME TO HOWARD — Junior Michael Watson runs the ball down the field.

The Pounders went into the second quarter with a strong lead. Howard started off with the ball, and after a couple of plays, the running back for the Hustlin’ Tigers broke loose down the field. Howard then threw the ball into the end zone for their first score of the night. After the extra point was missed, the score was be 14-6. The Pounders lost possession on their next drive and punted the ball to Howard. The Hustlin’ Tigers had possession, but the Pounders were pushing them back. However, a long pass down the field broke through the Central defense. Howard scored again and attempted, and converted, a two point conversion. This caused the game to be tied at 14-14. The Pounders continued to push down the field, but they could not capitalize. The half ended without another score.

At the start if the second half, the ball went back and forth between the two teams. The Pounders held Howard to four downs allowing another turnover. Sophomore Lineman Perry Armour then ran the ball into the end zone, scoring a touchdown for the Pounders. After a missed extra point, the score was 20-14. On Pounders’ next drive, the were forced to punt. Howard returned this punt all the way to the end zone for a touchdown. After the extra point, the score was 20-21, with Howard in the lead. The Pounders tried to push towards the end zone. Subsequently, the Pounders threw an interception, with the defender running the ball 45 yards down the field. The Howard offense went on to tear through the field. The Hustlin’ Tigers scored and attempted a two point conversion, which failed. The score was now 20-27. The Pounders got the ball back, but they were unable to capitalize on their possession. The Hustlin’ Tigers pushed towards the end zone. Howard scored again,making the score 20-35. Central tried to push forward on their next drive, but they could not break through. They were forced to punt as the third quarter came to a close.

The Pounders started out on defense to start the fourth quarter. After a few plays, the Pounders forced a fumble and recovered the ball. However, the Pounders’ offense felt the high pressure from Howard’s defense and threw another interception. With the ball set up on the seven yard line, the Hustlin’ Tigers were set up with an easy score. They ran the ball into the end zone, but they missed the extra point. The score would be 20-41. During the kickoff, the Pounders returned the ball to the 40 yard line. Junior Noah Collins made a breakthrough play, a 30 yard run, but it was called back due to a penalty. The Pounders kept pushing forward, but they fell short of a touchdown, giving the ball back to Howard. The Pounder defense held the Hustlin’ Tigers on the final drive. The game ended with a score of 20-41, a tough loss for the Pounders’ homecoming game.

“I was very proud of the way the boys started the football game. One of the main things that we have been working on is how to finish scoring on drives. Friday night showed us that we have to learn how to finish games,” shared Head Coach Curt Jones.

Week seven of Friday night lights are approaching; the Central Pounders go on to face the East Ridge Pioneers. This game will be a home game on Thursday, October 8, at 7:30. This will be the Senior Night for the Pounders. They will recognize all of the football, band, and cheerleading seniors. Students are encouraged to sit in the student section, where the theme will be blackout. Come out and support your Purple Pounders.

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