Central’s 2020 Cross Country Season Comes to an End


Jack Graham

CENTRAL FINISHES STRONG IN CROSS COUNTRY — Junior Kendra Jones pacing herself to finish her last race strong.

Amber Burchfield, Staff Writer

The cross country season has now come to an end. This year’s cross country team gradually improved as the season progressed. Even though the team had a tough season due to restrictions from COVID-19, the team pushed through and ended their season strong and confident.

On Tuesday, October 27, the Central cross country team ran their last race of the season. This race was the TSSAA D-1 Region 3 race. It took place at Woodland Park. Both the girls’ and boys’ cross country team ran to the best of their abilities, and in the end, Central’s boys placed 14th overall. This was a big accomplishment for the team as the season had many ups and downs. Many of Central’s runners improved as the season progressed. One runner, Junior Jack Graham, reached his personal goal of running the 5k, a running race of five kilometers, at or under 20 minutes by the end of this season. Sadly, Central was not able to it to state this year, but the team is looking to grow through this off season and come back strong next year. Central is hoping to come back better next season, and they are striving to meet many of their goals.

“The team did well this season, but we did not make it into state this year. However, we will continue to grow as a team and continue to build on this season’s progress,” stated Coach Joseph Parrott.

In total, Central ran six races this season, improving with each race. By the end of this season, many runners were proud of the progress that was made over the course of the season.

“I believe we did really good this year. We had a few new people, including me, but our top runner, Jack Graham, did great,” shared Junior Ozzy Paulus.

Coach Parrott is advising many of the cross country runners to try out for track in the spring and continue to run during this off season. Parrott is hoping that Central can make it to state next season. As next season approaches, new runners will join the team and build off of this season’s success.

“The best way that the team can improve and come by stronger for next season is by running during the offseason and not taking a considerable amount of time off from running,” stated Parrott.

Together, the team made many memories and grew together. Coach Parrott and the team loved being able to create a bond with one another. This season, even with its ups and downs, was one that no one will ever forget. Central is ready to come back stronger next season.

“We grew and created an unbreakable bond this year. Many of us already had a bond since sixth grade or earlier, but we strengthen our bond even more,” shared Paulus.

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