Central Basketball Holds Fundraiser with Past Years’ Jerseys


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CENTRAL BASKETBALL FUNDRAISER — Pictured are some of the basketball jerseys that are up for sale.

Luke Keown, Staff Writer

The 2020 basketball season is right around the corner. To raise funds for the team, Central’s basketball team will be selling jerseys from past years that they are no longer using. These jerseys were worn by the boys’ basketball teams over the past 15 seasons.

The idea for this fundraiser stemmed from the old jerseys not fitting today’s team properly and the need for new team uniforms.

Jerseys will be sold at $25 each and the shorts will be sold at $20 each. The uniforms will be sold on a first come- first serve basis.

Whether you are a former player, a parent, student, teacher, or just a supporter of Central, anyone can take home a piece of purple and gold history while supporting it.

Below are pictures of the clothing for sale.  Contact Coach Kantonio Davis at davis_kantonio@hcde.org or call the front office (423-344-1447) if you are interested in purchasing a jersey.