Central Football Loses to East Hamilton but Fights Back to Beat Sequoyah


Karleigh Schwarzl

CENTRAL FOOTBALL LOSES TO EAST HAMILTON BUT FIGHTS BACK TO BEAT SEQUOYAH — Senior, Tyi Mosely warming up for the game against East Hamilton.

Karleigh Schwarzl, Editor-In-Chief

The Central High School football team traveled to East Hamilton High School to face the Hurricanes for the region championship Friday, October 20. Going into the game the team had high hopes, understanding the hard work that the team has put in to be in this position. The Pounders went into the game, number one in the region, if they were to win this game it would secure their spot as number one. Losing this game would mean that they would become second in the region facing Upperman in the first round of the playoffs.

The Pounders went into the game strong, the Central defense holding East Hamilton for most of the quarter. The Hurricanes continued to push short throws to gain yardage, ultimately, scoring off of short explosive plays. Ending the first quarter the Pounders regained possession, going into the second quarter the Pounders maintained possession. The Pounders started off the quarter with a strong drive but unfortunately turned the ball over to the Hurricane offense on the Central 16 yard line. On the second play of the East Hamilton drive, the Hurricanes threw a deep ball to run it into the endzone but blocked the extra point. This made the score 13-0, East Hamilton. The Pounders began their drive with an explosive 22-yard run from senior Noah Collins, but could not capitalize off of it. East Hamilton attempted to connect short passes to obtain the first down, although freshman Ronye Watson intercepted the ball on the Hurricane 4-yard line. The Hurricane defense held the Pounders to three downs forcing a punt. East Hamilton had twenty yards to go on the third down, throwing the ball deep the Hurricanes gained a touchdown. The Hurricanes attempted a two-point conversion, the Pounders shut it down making the score 19-0 going into the half.

“I felt like we played well in the first quarter and blocked their extra point,” Collins said. “Things got worse in the second quarter and we could never catch up.”

To start off the half the Pounders received the ball, making it to the 30-yard line. In the first drive of the half, the Pounders fought their way to the end-zone with Noah Collins toting the ball into the end-zone, making the score 19-7. The Pounders continued their efforts holding the Hurricanes to yet another turnover. Though the Pounders did not capitalize off of the play and consequently turned the ball over. Within the drive, the Hurricanes gained a touchdown, but the field goal was blocked by Noah Collins. On the next drive, Ronye Watson threw the ball up to Tyi Mosely for a touchdown. This would make the score 19-14. Starting off the fourth quarter the Hurricanes had possession, though Reggie Wadley intercepted the ball for a Central Touchdown. The Pounders did not obtain the extra point, this made the score 19-20, Central. The Pounders forced a fumble and regained procession on the first play of the drive but did not capitalize. In the next drive, the Hurricanes threw a deep pass for a touchdown, although the two-point conversion fell incomplete. This would put the Hurricanes ahead, 25-20. The Pounders continued to fight back but threw an interception for an East Hamilton touchdown, with a failed two-point conversion, this made the score 31-20. The Pounders turned around fighting back Donovan Smith ran the ball into the end-zone making the score 31-27. The Hurricanes came back for revenge, scoring in the next drive, though did not receive the extra point. This touchdown made the score 37-27. The Pounders ultimately lost to the Hurricanes 44-27.

Donovan Smith stated, “I feel like the offense did not realize that they compete with East Hamilton, until the second half. In the first half we played flat, but in the second half, we played with a whole different tempo.

The following week the Central High School football team traveled to Sequoyah High School. To open up the game the Pounders received the ball, fumbling the ball and turning it over. The Pounders shut the Chiefs regaining possession. The Pounders threw the ball up to Donovan Smith getting up to the goal line, but Michael Watson finished the job running the ball into the end zone. This Pounder touchdown made the score 7-0, Central. The Pounders held the Cheifs to three downs forcing a turnover and regaining procession. Central’s Noah Collins ran the ball into the end zone for a Pounder touchdown, this made the score 14-0. To start off the second quarter the Chiefs sustained possession. Although Sequoyah quickly gave up possession, the Pounders continued to fight within their drive. Ronye Watson with the quarterback keeper, ran the ball into the end zone gaining another Central touchdown, making the score 20-0. The Pounders held the Chiefs to four down forcing a turnover for the Pounders. To start the drive Senior Issaiah Rogers and Ronye Watson had an explosive play, consequently Central fumbled the ball in the next play. The Central defense continued to hold Sequoyah.

To start the second half against the Chiefs, the Pounders kicked off to Sequoyah. Although the Pounders pressured the Chiefs forcing a fumble and gaining possession on the 8-yard line. Central threw the ball up to Donovan Smith for a touchdown alongside a two-point conversion. Central fought back and forth with Sequoyah but gained possession through a fumble. Issaiah Rogers ran the ball into the end zone gaining yet another Central touchdown. The Pounders made the extra point making the score 35-0. Sequoyah opened up the drive with a fumble, unfortunately, Central threw an interception. Starting off the fourth quarter the Chiefs had possession, though possession went back and forth. The end score being 35-0, Central.

“After the loss at East Hamilton, I told the Boys a loss is only a loss if you don’t learn from it. The boys turned the loss into a lesson because they came out and corrected their mistakes and got the big win at Sequoyah,” stated Head Coach Curt Jones.

Week nine of Friday night lights is right around the corner; the Central Pounders will go on to face East Ridge High School on October 22 at 7:30. StudentsĀ attending are encouraged to sit in the student section as well.

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