The Wrestling Team Concludes The Season Competing in The Regional, Sectional, and State Tournaments


Isabelle Moody


Isabelle Moody , Staff Writer

On February 12 the Boy’s Wrestling team went over to Hixson High School for the Boys Region Tournament. There were two medalists on our boy’s team: Junior, Randall Gray took third place in the 182 weight class and, senior, Noah Pinion took fourth place in the 126 weight class. Although others did not go further there were a few that got quite close to medaling: Freshman Marquis Parson, Junior Cameron Hook, and Sophomore Jesse Fowler.

“Our new region is really tough so advancing out of our region is impressive enough,” Massengale explained.

February 18 the Girls Wrestling Team traveled to Stone Memorial High School for the Girls Regional Tournament. Out of all the girls the wrestling team has there were only three that ended up going. Skyla Fowler, Nevaeh LaFevor, and Gabriella (Gabby) Gray all went to the Region Tournament. Sophomore Nevaeh LaFevor placed 4th in the 152 weight class and Gabriella Gray placed 2nd in the 235 weight class. Due to the fact that they placed they now move on to state.

“The surprise kid man, Nevaeh came out of the boards and wrestled really well. This being Nevaeh’s second or third tournament she came out and fought her butt off,” Massengale boasted.

“I thought that Gabby wrestled okay given the circumstances. She hadn’t wrestled since before Christmas. She found herself in good positions but in the end, the girl she wrestled was able to overwhelm her. Nevaeh, I am very pleased with. We always say that someone unexpected always punches their way through and this year it was her,” Mallory exclaimed.

February 19 the Boys who placed in Regionals, Randall Gray and Noah Pinion, also traveled up to Stone Memorial High School for the Boys Sectional Tournament. Although our two boys got knocked out they did put up a fight.

“When you advance into the sectional tournament everyone is going to be good, nothing is easy. Any mistake you make is amplified. There is very little room for error and they were all magnified within this tournament,” Massengale continued to explain.

February 24-26 our two state qualifiers traveled to Franklin, Tennessee.

“You know when you get to The State Tournament you don’t get any ‘easy’ matches. Everyone is good at state. With this in mind both of our girls ended up winning at least one match I think that’s pretty awesome,” Coaches Mallory and Massengale boasted.

Nevaeh LaFevor, a first-time wrestler, made it to Consultations Round 2. Nevaeh ended up winning one and losing two. She ended up in the top 12 out of 16 girls in the 152 weight bracket.

“With only having six weeks of practice and placing in the top 12 in the state I’d say I’m pretty proud of myself, but I’m aiming for something higher in the coming years. I’m very proud of how both gabby and myself did,” Nevaeh explained.

“Just going to state as a first-year wrestler is pretty impressive. While she was there she also picked up a win. Now that she’s been there she knows how everything is going to work and there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that she will be going back,” Massengale stated confidently.

Gabriella (Gabby) Gray, returning state medalist, made it to Consultations Round 3. Gabby won two and lost two. Although the returning medalist didn’t place this year, she was in the top 8 out of 16 in the 235 weight class.

“I would definitely say that, although I didn’t place, I definitely did better than I did last year. Ultimately, I’m proud of how both of us did,” Gabby exclaimed.

The Junior wrested five matches and ended up one point away from going to the medal rounds. Although Gabby did not place in the state tournament, she was wrestling with not much practice time and an injury. With the hardships she was facing she fought through her matches and gave all that she had.

“The weight really got her, being forty pounds under all of the girls she wrestled, she did everything she was told and gave everything she had. In the match that knocked her out, she was in the fourth sudden victory round. She pulled out three really good stand-ups and, we can’t say this often, she really gave it her all,” Massengale elaborated.

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