Cross Country Prepares for 2022-2023 Season


Melina Barros

CENTRAL PREPARES FOR 2022-2023 SEASON — Coach Parrot with runner, Tristen Holliman

Melina Barros, Staff writer

The 2022-2023 cross-country season has begun. As the members of Central’s Cross Country team are looking forward to a new season, that also means building their stamina and preparing for the soon arriving season.  Cross Country is a sport that involves a lot of running. The team has meets where they run outdoors in nature.

This year’s Cross Country coach is Joseph Parrot. This is Parrott’s third year coaching the Pounders’ Cross Country team. This season there are three members. The team is very small considering the seniors which made up the team last season have graduated. With a small number of members, Central can still look forward to a good season even though the pressure is high. They may be a small team but what really counts is their determination. Being a smaller team could work toward their advantage. Since this sport doesn’t only depend on one solid runner, having less runners could increase the team’s solidity.

“I’m looking forward to forming a bond with the new members of the team; It’s mostly new faces this year,” Parrot commented.

The team usually has its meetings at Woodland Park Baptist Church. Having a race nearby also works to Centrals advantage. It is mostly known as a home-ground advantage. With races being held at Woodland Baptist Church, most runners already have the experience of running and succeeding there.

This season, Parrott mainly wants to focus on the team itself. He thinks that team collection is what really makes a difference throughout a team. It sets an example to other teams and just makes everything better for the runners. He believes focusing on the team’s initial bond is a great way to build up the team.

“I believe focusing on the team’s initial bond is a great way to build up the team as we all look forward to a good season and a solid team,” added Parrot.

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