Boy’s Basketball Tryouts Give Team High Hopes of Another Strong Season

LAST YEAR'S DISTRICT CHAMPIONS STRIVE FOR ANOTHER SUCCESSFUL SEASON -- Central's boy's basketball team are hopeful for another great season.

LAST YEAR’S DISTRICT CHAMPIONS STRIVE FOR ANOTHER SUCCESSFUL SEASON — Central’s boy’s basketball team are hopeful for another great season.

Savannah Smith, Assistant Editor

As football season draws to a close, Coach Rick Rogers is starting to round up his students to begin basketball season. The team had tryouts for the 2015-2016 season beginning on Monday, November 9. It was a huge success, and many students showed up with a desire to be on the team.

Even though many valuable players such as Brandon Lewis were lost because they graduated last season, the team still has a good chance of returning to State.

“I have high hopes that the team will be successful. We had a lot of people try out and a lot of talent for this team. Hopefully with this team, we will have the opportunity to return back to the State Competition,” stated Head Coach Rogers.

The boys and Coach Rogers have a lot of things in store for the season and have high hopes of returning to State. In the previous season, the boys’ team did incredibly well during District and won Regional, which then took them to State. Many of the players this year hold no doubts that they will return better than before.

“I know we are going to State this season! We have a lot of good talent this year for our team, and with the school backing us up, we are going to go and win,” stated senior Ryan Montgomery.

One way Coach Rogers is making sure the school is as pumped up as the team is by selling t-shirts to students during school. These shirts allow students to come to every game and not have to pay for a ticket. Hopefully, with a lot of support from the school, the team will get the support they need to return to State this season.

“All the practices and games are just preparation for the real goal – State,” concluded Montgomery.